Kemper 63 100 - Kemper Dusty MIG Torch / Bench Top Extractor & Filter
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Kemper Dusty is compact 300 x 300 x 690 mm high
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Dusty High Vacuum Smoke Extraction Filter Unit

Lightweight high vacuum extraction unit with a cleanable filter.

Please telephone Noz-Alls for current lead times on the Kemper range.  Tel. 01242 681052

The Kemper Dusty has a high vacuum ability making it ideal for welding smoke extraction.
Using one of the 45mm elephant hoses to connect to and gain fume extraction at source from a MIG torch or when required the possibility exists to operate with either one or two suction nozzles (not included) - for temporary / occasional extraction in say a repair environment or for mobile use when and where a full time extraction MIG torch is not used or required.  The primary inlet is used for a single inlet hose and single extraction nozzle / fume extraction MIG torch the secondary inlet opens when a second hose  has been fitted to the front panel which enables fume extraction from both sides of a weld where repair work is being undertaken or it is awkward to gain access with a large MIG extraction torch. 

The Kemper Dusty has been designed for low to medium amounts of dust.

The filter may be cleaned manually, the filter is KemTex® ePTFE , the fact that the filter may be cleaned manually makes the Kemper Dusty very economical.  The very efficient filter membrane means that manual cleaning is safe and contamination cannot be blown back into the work area.  The Fume extractor indicates when the filter requires cleaning, when the filter indicator shows that cleaning is required the top is simply un-clipped which removes the motor and then an airline is used to simply blow the filter clean, the dirt particles are contained and fall down harmlessly into the bottom tray.  Once the filter has been blown clean the motor is refitted and clipped to the top, the bottom tray is then un clipped and the dirt particles may be collected and taken away for disposal.
As with a filter unit the filter will need to be changed, depending on use probably every 3 to 6 months.

The Kemper extraction unit has a stepless variable speed control  and may be set to suit the extraction  application.
Generally the Dusty will be used with a single extraction MIG torch or with either a single or two fume extraction nozzles  various shape & size nozzles are available.
Should you decide to fit and use two extraction MIG torches to your Dusty Fume extractor then the filter unit will require cleaning twice as often and replacing more frequently.

Filter stages                  -  1
Filter method                 -   Cleanable filter
Filter cleaning method  -   Manual
Filter surface                -   ca. 1.35 m²
Type of filter                  -   Filter cartridge
Filter material                -   ePTFE-membrane
Filter efficiency              -   > 99.9 %
Dust classification         -   M

Basic data 
Extraction capacity           -   260 m³/h
Dimensions (w x d x h)     -   300 x 300 x 690 mm
Weight                              -   24 kg
Motor power                     -   1,6 kW
Power supply                   -   1 x 230 V / 50 Hz  (Other voltages are available).
Rated current                   -   8.7 A
Noise level                       -   74 dB(A)

Additional information 
Fan type                           -   Suction turbine
Hose connection              -   ˜45 mm x 2


232 0010      -  Funnel nozzle - Funnel nozzle flexible, with magnetic foot 
93 070 004  -   Extraction hose - ˜ 45 mm, length: 2,5 m
93 070 005   -   Extraction hose - ˜ 45 mm, length: 5,0 m
93 008 001   -   Mounting brackets - Table mounting bracket incl. two screw clamps
232 0004      -   Tube nozzle, ˜ 50 mm - Tube nozzle, ˜ 50 mm
232 0002      -   Slit nozzle - nozzle width 200 mm
106 0084     -   Adaptor for welding torch - Adaptor for welding torches with integrated extraction 30 - 38 mm
106 0104     -   Adaptor for welding torch - Adaptor for welding torches with integrated extraction 39 - 42 mm
106 0071    -   Adaptor for welding torches - Adaptor for welding torches with integrated extraction 42 - 44 mm
91 350       -   Mini-Exhaust arm - Exhaust arm, ˜ 50 mm, length: 740 mm (without exhaust nozzle), swivelling in all directions, made out of anodized aluminium, joints out of molded plastic, incl. standard fixing device.
Other exhaust arm diameters on request.

93 070 006   -   Extraction hose - ˜ 45 mm, length: 10,0 m
232 0005     -   Plexiglass nozzle, 245 x 220 mm 
232 0009    -   Slit nozzle - nozzle width 600 mm, with magnetic foot
93 008 002  -   Mounting brackets - Wall mounting bracket incl. screws and rawl plugs
232 0008    -   Slit nozzle - nozzle width 300 mm, with magnetic foot
232 0006    -  Funnel nozzle, round, extraction hole ˜ 210 mm

Our quick video clip shows welding with the Holch torch extraction "on" followed by the Kemper MiniFil vacuum having been turned  "off" so you see the normal fume as a direct comparison, then the Vacuum turned back "on" the close up didn't work as my stills camera doesn't refocus easily.  We will reshoot later.  The Headux 250C Welder was operating at 230 Amps welding with 1,0mm mild steel ESAB G3Si MIG wire with the wire speed at 16,5 m/ min.
The Holch MIG torch is the MHS350 air cooled version which has the same front end as the water cooled MHS 450.

63 100

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