Knippex 10 98 I220 - Knipex 'O' Clip Pliers - Double Sided
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Genuine Knipex pliers. Made in Germany.
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"O" clip pliers. These are Knipex original "O" clip pliers.

Knipex pliers are the best tool for the job when closing down single ear or double ear o clips. To ensure you get a proper compression on the ear it is best to buy the right tool rather than just rely on a copy product or something not quite right for the job. Along with Knipex original pliers we recommend use of genuine Oetiker O clips.

These Knipex O clip pliers are 220mm in length giving you the right level of pressure to be exerted on the clip. They produce no damage to the pressure points on the 'ear' of the clip ensuring full strength is maintained and the slim head allows it to fit into some of the more awkward spaces.Noz-Alls As well as oxy fuel hoses, air lines and other usual 'welding' purposes these pliers are perfect for CV boots, car cooler and fuel lines, compressed air systems and compressors. 

Produced from high grade professional tool steel these Knipex pliers are forged and oil hardened for improved length of life. These double sided pliers have the benefit of being able to close down an O clip from the side rather than end on giving more accessibility. 

End closing only Knipex pliers are available also. Please see the related products section.

10 98 I220

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