Lt Wt Oxy /Propane Brazing Nozzles
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Brazing Tip Oxy / LPG
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This nozzle is often referred to as a light weight propane welding nozzle - more often than not this is because they are the same shape and length as the acetylene welding tips. Of course with propane, it is impossible to weld - brazing on the other hand is always possible. These brazing / heating nozzles fit into the standard oxy / acetylene FN mixer.

Following the increase in demand for propane brazing tips Noz-Alls have developed a range of nozzles with sizes that have been formulated to flow the same rates as the acetylene versions which means a size 1 is still a size 1. Because of this the larger propane tips have an additional piece to them. We have designed the tip to be easy to use and still remain free from a tip which is too large that could obscure your view of the work. 
The design of the nozzle enables a concentrated / forcing flame ot be set without the flame blowing off the tip.


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