Micro Bore Hose Set 3mm bore - Open end & G1/4 Fittings
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Open hose end - Fit to Torch & G1/4 fit to miniature regulator / FBA These hoses are suitable as a replacement for the Smith Little Torch or the Uniweld Artorch
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High quality micro bore hose suitable for all oxy / fuel applications that require a small or micro flow.

These micro bore "welding hoses" have been manufactured in the UK and produced with due regard for BS EN 3821 even though these hoses fall outside the scope of the standard due to their small size.
These hoses are suitable as a replacement for the Smith Little Torch or the Uniweld Artorch and other torches with small push fit inlet nipples and directly fitted hoses.

These hoses have been manufactured in blue for use with oxygen and orange for use with fuel gases.  Generally red acetylene hose cannot be used with LP gases whereas orange LP gas hose may be used safely with acetylene and this was the reason why Noz-Alls decided to manufacture in Blue & Orange.

The micro bore hoses are super flexible which makes them ideal for use with the traditional light "aircraft style" miniature blowpipes / torches from America typically from companies like Harris, Smith and Uniweld. 

These hoses are supplied with open ends for direct fitment to blowpipes with nipple end inlet connections the other ends of the hose are fitted with G1/4 regulator connections, left hand for fuel gas and right hand for oxygen.

Micro Bore Hose Length -  Micro bore hoses are typically used with the smallest of nozzle sizes on small torches, therefore please note the following which is very important for your safety and that of your equipment.
Lack of purging or incorrect purging is the major cause of flashbacks in gas equipment this is compounded by the use of small nozzles which makes purging more difficult to achieve.
Therefore the use of long lengths of micro bore hose is not recommended for everyday use, from a safety point of view, where access is required to reach a job, lifting and positioning cylinders would present a safety risk then it is good practice to fit long hoses on a temporary basis as the overall risk to safety is reduced.  
When long hoses are fitted remember that the hoses will require purging correctly,  Lead "burning" using the Model "O" blowpipe / torch or the Smith type Little Torch the nozzle should always be removed from the torch to purge the gases. 
The fuel gas & the oxygen must be purged from each hose prior to lighting up.  Due to the small orifice size in the Model "O" nozzles (even smaller in the Smith Little Torch nozzles) if the nozzle remains in the torch the purging time would be very extended as an example the Model "O" #1 oxy / acetylene nozzle would take 5 minutes of purging per hose to clear 5metres of micro bore hose based on moving 2x volume of hose If you were using standard 6.3mm bore x 5m hose set this would require 18 minutes of purging per hose!
Therefore you may see how important it is to remove the nozzle to purge correctly - with the nozzle removed the hoses may be purged in a matter of a few seconds.


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