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MIG Welder - Migatronic Focus MIG 130 Welder
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Professional Quality at DIY Cost
Migatronic Focus MIG 130 Amp - 230Volt

This Migatronic Focus 130 is the exception to our 160 amp rule, and with good reason, this has to be the ultimate in 130 Amp home / light industrial MIG welding machines, the Migatronic Focus 130 MIG is power factor corrected which allows the use of long extension leads or a power generator without interrupting your welding fun.  Professional quality MIG welder capable of operating from a domestic power supply, enjoy the traditional Migatronic build quality when you purchase your Focus 130 welder plus the ability to weld almost non-stop with the 100% duty cycle at full power of 130 Amps when measured at 20 C this equates to 60% duty cycle at 100 Amps when measured at 40 C.  The Focus 130 is fitted with the ML161 3m torch and is supplied with a 2 m work return lead.  This MIG / MAG inverter welder has the traditional two variable potentiometers one for adjusting the wire speed the other the welding current which make setting the exact welding parameters you need for your weld much more simple.  Welding current range is adjustable between 45 amps and 130 Amps suitable for use with solid wires with shielding gas or reverse the polarity and use gas-less wire when welding outside or where your shielding gas is being blown away.

All Focus MIG machines come with an EU power plug. If required Noz-Alls can fit a UK spec 16a blue plug for a small additional cost. 




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