Migatronic Zeta Plasma and Automig Welder Trolley Skate
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Migatronic Automig & Zeta Plasma Machine Compact Skate
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Migatronic Automig & Zeta Plasma Machine Compact Skate

This is the standard machine trolley suppplied with the Migatronic AutoMIG or the Zeta Plasma, it is a compact machine skate with two larger rear wheels and two casters at the front which allows easy manouverability in and around the workshop.  The machine skate has been designed for those workshops where the shielding gas is supplied via wall outlet points and there is no requirement for a cylinder on the back of the welder.  With the Zeta Plasma cutting machine, as with most plasma machines, the air supply will generally be supplied by a compressor and hose or from a wall outlet point and hose so there is no need for the space for a cylinder on the machine trolley, hence why the skate is so useful as it is very compact having a narrow wheelbase which allows easy repositioning as and where you need the machine.

As with all Migatronic kit this is a very well made good quality machine skate.

The Migatronic item code for this is :-78857045


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