Migatronic Focus TIG ACDC Pulsed Welder 200 Amps
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Migatronic 79510403 - FOCUS TIG AC DC Pulsed TIG Welder
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Migatronic AC DC TIG Welder 

An excellent quality AC DC TIG welding machine with pulse and easy setup controls. Weld aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel all with ease thanks to the included Migatronic 4m ergo TIG torch and 3m earth lead. 
From the images you can see how simple this machine is to set up. No confusion over what your settings are an no need to cycle through various settings to get to the one you want. Straight forward simple and high quality.

Fitted with Power Factor Correction (PFC) the Migatronic Focus DC TIG machines will all work happily from a generator or with long mains extension cables. Putting the technology simply, PFC will allow for up to 25% more power from the same supply compared to a standard machine. This can be a life saver when it comes to working on site. 

Working at a hospital or around sensitive electronic equipment where HF ignition is forbidden? Not a problem - your Migatronic Focus can be switched between HF ignition and Lift TIG ignition. 

Welding with your TIG set and using the pulse settings is quick and easy to setup plus you also have the benefit that one you have your settings dialed in you won't be able to accidentally knock them meaning all you have to worry about is the welding current and actually getting on with your work rather than faffing around with settings that you would on complex machines. 

Technical Specs
Migatronic Pulsed TIG Welders160 DC HP PFC200 DC HP PFC200 AC/DC PFC
Current range, A10-1605-2005-200
Mains voltage +/- 15 %, V1x230 (-40/+10%)1x230 (-40/+10%)1x230 (-40/+10%)
Fuse, A161616
Duty cycle, 100% at 40°C, A/V110/14.4150/16.0140/15.6
Duty cycle, 60% at 40°C, A/V130/25.2170/16.8170/16.8
Duty cycle, 100% at 20°C, A/V170160
Duty cycle, 60% at 20°C, A/V200190
Open circuit voltage, V759590
Protection classIP 23SIP 23SIP 23S
StandardsEN/IEC60974 -1. - 3. -10.EN/IEC60974 -1. - 3. -10.EN/IEC60974 -1. - 3. -10.
Dimensions (HxWxL), mm250x180x470250x180x470250x180x470
Weight, kg10.71313.5




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