Mini Oxygen Regulator - M10 Left Hand inlet connection Rothenberger
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Left hand thread for connection to disposable oxygen bottles
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Oxygen Reg for Disposable Oxygen Bottles

Suitable for use with micro oxy / fuel gas sets. In particular this regulator will fit Rothenberger O2 bottles typically supplied with their Roxy 120L kits.
The regulator screws directly onto the top of the disposable oxygen canister via left hand M10 thread - this is evident as the regulator screws on to the canister by turning in an anti-clockwise direction.
The regulator has an outlet pressure gauge which indicates the working pressure and can be adjusted via the pressure control knob.

This regulator is variable from 0-2 bar. 

This oxygen regulator comes supplied with G1/4 outlet with right hand thread. 
The thread that connects to the disposable oxygen bottle is M10 left hand thread.

This particular regulator is suitable for Rothenberger oxygen bottles. It will not fit Oxyturbo oxygen canisters. 


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