Acetylene Model O Lead Welding Torch - CWS
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Probably the best lead welding torch available. Why settle for anything else? This Acetylene Model O is fully stripped down and assembled in Cheltenham by ourselves.
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CWS Model O Lead Welding Torch

The Model O torch is the original British designed product that was intended for lead welding. Designed to fit nicely in the hand and adjust with the thumb means you need a quality bit of kit to ensure you get a reliable and quality lead weld. 

Please click the video tab to watch a video of our torch. 

Some Model O torches in the market are poor copies even to the extent of being dangerous. At Noz-Alls our Model O is fully stripped down on arrival and various parts are modified making our Model O just as unique as the Everest Original. Each lead welding torch is then tested by ourselves in Cheltenham to make sure that they operate as good as if not better than the original. 

Each Model O lead welding torch is spray coated with a PTFE coating offering resistance against oils and other chemicals. Not only does this make it look smart but means you can keep it cleaner for longer. On the topic of keeping it looking good each torch is supplied in a plastic container to keep the torch safe when not in use and a comprehensive information sheet for getting your setup right you are buying the proper job. Please see the link at the bottom of the description for information on settings and setup procedure. 

Every blowpipe is tested to ensure it conforms with and meets BS EN ISO 5172 as well as being tested for performance and flame stability.  See our video of the generally available cheap variants of the model "O" and how easily and annoyingly the flame setting varies just by touching the control knob! Noz-Alls

What you get: 
CWS Model O Lead Welding Torch 
Model O Tips - Sizes 1-5 
Oxy Fuel Equipment Setup Instructions
Lead Welding Chart & Gas Pressures Chart 
(Picture 5 is the old version of our Model O)

Spare necks are available including a 90 degree neck which is a fairly common mod made by many lead welders. Please see the related products section for these necks.

We also have super flexible 3mm bore hoses which suitable for use with this blowpipe and are about as good as you can get to having nothing attached to the end of the torch (weight and mobility wise).

Lead Welding Advice Sheet

  • Conforms to BS EN 5172
  • Flame only adjusts when you use adjust the knobs. Unlike inferior copies that might not actually be any cheaper. 
  • Clearly coloured plastic coating 
  • Rotatable mixer without the need to turn off or disconnect gas
  • Stripped, machined, finished and tested by ourselves in Cheltenham
  • Model O tips are machined by ourselves in Cheltenham 

Pressure settings; 
0.1 bar - 0.34 bar for both Oxygen and Acetylene subject to nozzle sizes. 
This video shows the old version of our torch and our old website but with the work we carry out, the performance is the same.

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