Nikko RD-718-2.6 - E7018 2.5mm Low Hydrogen Welding Electrodes 5kg
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7018 Welding Rods - Low Hydrogen with Iron Power 2.6mm 5kg Pack
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Low Hydrogen (Lo-Hi) E7018 Welding Electrode - 2.5mm Diameter Nikko Steel RD718

Ok, so the rods are actually 2.6mm and the pack says 2.6mm but as everyone calls them 2.5mm who are we to argue? 
Nikko are a good quality electrode producer with easy peeling flux and good penetration characteristics.  Designed for use in all positions and packaged in 5kg boxes.  
Nikko rods are all colour codes for ease of use making sure you only use the rods you intend to use. The 7018 welding rods come with a gold/bronze colour tip which denotes they are a low hydrogen rod with iron powder. 

Being 2.6mm in diameter these rods are 350mm long and designed to work between 50-100 amps. 

Now for the official bit, 
Medium and high tensile carbon-manganese steels with UTS of up to 510N/mm sq max. Typical grades: BS 1449 plate and sheet BS 4360 grades 43A and 43C Lloyds A&D ship steel BS 4360 grade 50B, Lloyds grades AH and DH BS3059 and BS 3601 grade 320-410 API 5L A-B and X42, BS 4360-50B-50C-50D, BS 1501-151 430-490, BS 3602-410-460. 
Such steels are used in ship construction, bridge building and pressure vessel work as well as general construction work. 

If the electrodes become damp they can be re-dried in an oven for 60 minutes at 150 degrees C. 

These rods are CE approved and are approved grade Y3 by Lloyd's Register, Germanischer Lloyd, American Bureau of Shipping, Biro Klasifikasi, Indonesia. 


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