PortaCut Single Cylinder Trolley - Multi Use
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Small & compact single cylinder trolley
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PortaCut small cylinder trolley with disposable propane / MAPP canister holder

With propane becoming ever more popular as a gas setup we have developed a sensible cylinder match up between the Hobbyweld original Oxygen (other similar sized cylinders will also fit) and the Rothenberger Propane canister (again similar disposables will fit) .  The PortaCut Cylinder Trolley.

Each small propane canister should outlast two Hobbyweld oxygen cylinders thanks to the liquid storage of Propane when used for brazing and heating or 3 cylinders of oxygen when used for cutting.  Our small oxy / propane cutting set using the PFN cutting nozzle will cut from 3mm right up to 50mm of mild steel.  There are 3 sizes of PFN-9 which may be used so as to provide the economy and cutting capacity required.

The PortaCut trolley itself is designed for 9 or 10 litre cylinders and doesn't necessarily have to be used for an oxy / propane setup. The powder coated trolley comes as a two piece arrangement so all you need to do is fit the handle on and put the wheels on. This trolley isn't your standard 'it will do' stuff.
Based around several different drawings issues plus 3 prototypes, all this work resulted in upgraded material thickness, improved the trolley stability, tweaked the design and altered it some more before launching a product we are happy with, which we believe will suit our customers, the PortaCut Trolley 

Our PortaCut trolley comes with 160mm diameter wheels plus has hose winding points to give you somewhere to keep your setup safe and tidy. 


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