Cross Arc Welding Machine Trolley - HD
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Larger Universal Inverter Welding Machine Trolley - Portable machine trolley
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3 Tier Larger Portable Machine Trolley
This item is a metal trolley designed for use with the small and medium sized inverter MIG & TIG welding machines, such as the Jasic JM160C / JM200C, Migatronic Rally MIG 161i, Focus 130 or any other welder of this sort of size. The top shelf will accept the larger Jasic TIG AC/DC analogue and Digital Welders.  The headux 188 &  195 Synergic both fit correctly on the top machine shelf.  The two cylinder brace bracket hold the cylinder 10L or 20L size away from the top shelf.
This trolley may also be used for other TIG welding machines plus smaller plasma cutting machines with or without a compressor - check size - tops shelf is 540 long x 330mm wide.

Produced by CrossArc this trolley proves to be extraordinarily good value. A simple design but from how easily it assembles you can tell this trolley has been produced to a design and isn't just a cheap copy of a copy.

Two Torch Hooks - We supply a torch holder on each side of the trolley so no matter what side of the machine you are working on you don't have to reach over every time you want to put the torch down. 

This trolley is fitted with two large fixed position wheels at the back with two caster wheels at the front for improved maneuverability. Comprising of a slightly angled top machine tray with front lip for moving and positioning and a wrap around front handle, a central shelf for your consumables and other cables not being used and finally the chassis tray for holding your welding mask or spare MIG / MAG wire and of course the tray provides support for the shielding gas cylinder behind the welder.  Two cylinder retaining chains are provided to ensure the cylinder remains upright and tight against the cylinder brace brackets.

We also have many other welding trolleys, suitable for use with industrial welding machines the trolleys range in price from £185 to over £400 depending on your requirements and machine needs. If you have a particular machine you need a trolley for get in touch and we can help you. 

This larger workshop welding machine trolleys is of a heaver duty design compared to many of the smaller versions which look the same hence why this trolley is able to accept and be used with the HobbyWeld Plus and HobbyWeld Ultra 20L cylinders as well as the smaller HobbyWeld Original - 10L cylinders.
Please note - full size cylinders are not recommended to be used with this trolley.


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