SIF - Aluminium Brazing Rods 1,6mm Filler rods - Oxy / Acetylene
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Aluminium Brazing Rods 1,6mm -  Oxy / Acetylene - Part Pack 1,0 kg

Joining aluminium by aluminium brazing gives neat and consistent joints, it is important to make sure you use the correct Aluminium brazing flux to ensure the results are a proper aluminium brazed joint and not a melted blob or blobs!
As with all aluminium joining it is vitally important to ensure the joint surfaces are clean and cleaned just before the welding takes place, don't clean the joint then leave it before making the joint, the oxide gets to work as soon as you finish cleaning.  Be sure to use a wire brush with stainless steel tines so the material surface is not contaminated while being cleaned.

These Aluminium brazing rods are 1,6 mm diameter x 1000mm in length  - Tube of 1,0 kg


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