Sia - 125x22mm 80 Grit Zirconia Fibre Discs 25pcs
Item code: AC2021G
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Sia Part Number: 0785.2867.xxxx, 7120.5813.xxxx, 7340.2591.xxxx and 6810.2419.xxxx
Where the last four digits refer to the grit level. For example P120 would be 0120 and P36 would be 0036. 

These fibre discs are one of the most commonly used for their slightly more heavy duty characteristics over the Al/Ox discs. Great for grinding steel with a good level of metal stock removal and ideally suited to deburring cuts and dressing metalwork both before and after a weld.

We have a full range of sizes available and at comptitive prices. Remember - all fibre discs look the same but they are not all constructed to the same quality. These discs are worth the extra and will prove better value for money in like for like applications. 

Grit Type:Zirconia

Grit Level:80


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