Sif - Aluminium Brazing Flux - 500g Pot
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Aluminium gas brazing flux suitable for brazing aluminium.  Powder flux which may be used for "dipping" as well as being mixed into a paste for application to the joint surfaces.  As with all aluminium joining the surface must be cleaned immediately prior to joining to remove even the slightest hint of aluminium oxide.  Use a stainless steel wire brush on the joint surfaces then apply the coat of flux immediately and be ready to start your joint.   If you delay, remove the flux, clean again, apply fresh flux and commence with your joint.

This is the lowest temperature aluminium brazing flux from SIF so is most suited to brazing.

Aluminium brazing flux must be removed immediately after the joint has been made and within 30 minutes because the flux is active it will be highly corrosive.  Where it is not possible to reach the area the parts should be washed with very hot water or a steam jet.



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