StarParts GLS18 - Welding Sleeve - Gold Leather
Item code: DG0102
£ 7.50(Inc VAT £9.00)
Gold Leather Sleeves. Sold as a pair.
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Gold Leather Welding Sleeve

This gold leather welding sleeve is the perfect extra to any welding gauntlets to fully protect your arms if welding in a short sleeved top. Everybody does it once, even us. Save yourself from learning the hard way - even just a quick test of a welder can result in arc burns which are just like a very painful sun burn. 

The overall length of these sleeves are 18" 

These welding sleeves are sold as a pair. 

Bought from StarParts but they are branded as Leopard. Leopard sleeves have the elasticated cuff sewn inside the leather whereas StarParts branded have the elastic exposed. 


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