Tracer Gas - Leak Detector Gas - Nitrogen Hydrogen Mix
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Tracer Gas - Rent Free Cylinder 
Leak detection gas - A blended gas consisting of 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen. 

We now source this product from elsewhere. The benefits are that this gas is now in a 10 ltr cylinder and supplied at 200 bar which means more gas for your money. 

Tracer gas / Leak detection gas is a mix of 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen (oxygen free) which gives the user a legitimate way of testing for even the smallest leak safe in the knowledge that they are using a non-flamable and non-toxic gas. When compared to using traditional leak detection methods using this gas is up to 100 times more sensitive. 


Gas Mix 5% Hydrogen 95% Nitrogen
Pressure 200 bar
Capacity 2100 litres
Outlet Side Outlet
Cylinder Height ~95cm

Gas Type:Tracer


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