Maxigas from Rothenberger 3.5510-A - Maxigas 400 600ml
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MultiGas 300 - Red
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 Rothenberger Multigas 300 - 600ml 338g  Red Canister

Generally used by plumbers and heating engineers to join pipes with soft solder or hard solder - silver solder - This gas is a typical blowtorch gas mixture from Rothenberger and is their low cost general purpose plumbing gas which consists of  - 35% Propane and 65% Butane.
This gas should be good for about 1900ºC and comes with the standard small gas connection which is the 7/16" thread diameter this fitting is designed to suit many different items.

The Rofire, Rofire Piezo and Easy Fire in the Rothenberger range all screw directly to this can.
At Noz-Alls we also have good quality alternatives from Gala Gar in stock these items are well manufactured, fairly locally, in Spain and are excellent value for money. 

This gas canister is designed for a one time use. 

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