Special Offers
argon regulator - two gauge single stage mig gas reg
Argon Regulator - Two Gauge Single Stage MIG Gas Reg
G-Tech two gauge Argon flow regulator 35lpm
(Inc £33.60)
Air fed ADF welding mask
Navitek S4 PAPR Welding Mask - True Colour - Air Fed Powered Respirator ADF Welding Helmet
PAPR TH2 Air Fed Welding Helmet with a Flip Up ADF Lens
(Inc £576.00)
4043 0.8mm 2kg - Aluminium MIG Wire AlSi5 - 5% Silicon
4043 0.8mm 2kg - Aluminium MIG Wire AlSi5 - 5% Silicon
4043 MIG Wire - 0.8mm 2kg
(Inc £15.96)
Featured items
Headux Titan 195 3 Qtr view
Multi-Function Dual Voltage PFC MIG MAG Welder 225 Amp Inverter - Headux Titan MIG 225 Semi Synergic PFC Package
Easy to set, simple to use with great welding results - High power multi-function inverter welder able to operate from both 110V and 230V Semi synergic setting for MIG, TIG & MMA Stick welding.
(Inc £789.60)
CWS TC180 - Panoramic True Colour Welding Mask - 180 degree wide view.
CWS TC180 - Panoramic True Colour Welding Mask - 180 degree wide view.
Panoramic Welding Mask with 3 True Colour lenses - Massive view area and highest optical quality. No blue hue like other True Colour masks.
(Inc £156.00)
Monthly Prize Draw!
Monthly Prize Draw!
December 2023 - Win an Esab Globe Arc Mask
(Inc £0.00)
Latest Additions
tc5 advanced - shade 2 clear state very large viewing area
TC5 Advanced - Shade 2 Clear state Very Large Viewing Area 90 x 100mm
TC5 Advanced - DIN Shade 2 Clear State - Exceptionally Clear View - Easy to Use
(Inc £200.00)
Solar Flux Type B TIG Flux - Stainless Steel Welding Backup Purging Flux
UK official importer of Solar Flux - In stock!
(Inc £84.18)
3M 4277 Half Face Mask Respirator
3M 4277 Respirator Face Mask
FFP3 High Quality Respirator - 4277 3M
(Inc £36.64)
Headux Titan 195 3 Qtr view
Headux Pulsed MIG Welder 218iXP 200 Amp - Synergic PFC Inverter MIG Package
A compact and portable Pulsed MIG Inverter with full synergic setup - take out the need to work out a setup and just weld! This machine will do MIG, TIG and MMA.
(Inc £1018.80)
Best Sellers
geka inter 6013 2.4mm - 2.5kg pack vac pack
GeKa Inter 6013 3.2mm - 2kg Pack Vac Pack
6013 2kg - 3.2mm Rods
(Inc £12.48)
Binzel MB15 MIG Torch Conical Gas Shroud
MB15 MIG Gas Nozzle Binzel 145.0075 - Conical MB15 Gas Shroud
Top Quality Binzel Original MB15 Gas Shroud
£2.19 £3.29
(Inc £2.63)
Jasic Evo 2.0 200a MIG MAG Welder - EM-250CT PFC 15kg Spool on Trolley
Jasic Evo 2.0 250a MIG MAG Welder - EM-250CT PFC 15kg Spool on Trolley
Jasic Evo 2.0 EM-250CT - 5 Year Warranty
(Inc £1795.50)
Special Offers
Special Offers
For all your welding supplies this section is dedicated to REAL special offers that cannot be beaten. Supplies are restricted and deals may change daily.
Fume Extraction
Fume Extraction
Meet HSE rules on welding fume. Make sure you have the relevant fume extraction systems. Air fed welding masks & on torch fume extraction plus LEV systems.
Welding Equipment
Welding Equipment
All items required for MIG TIG & Arc Welding, Gas, Plasma & Laser Cutting, induction & oxy/fuel heating plus all the parts and PPE required to work effectively
Welding Supplies
Welding Supplies
arc accessories welding rods TIG welding contact tips gas shroud MB15 MB25 MB36 MB501 fume extraction wire brushes cutting nozzles plasma cutting nozzles
Rods & Wire
Rods & Wire
Silver solder, brazing wire, MIG wire, TIG rods and stick welding electrodes for all your filler material requirements buy them online from Noz-Alls today.
Workshop hand tools drill bits cordless drill cordless grinder MiG trolleys machine water coolers latex gloves welding screens earth clamps dinse plugs
Rent Free Gas
Rent Free Gas
Hobbyweld, the market leading rent free welding gas supplier for MIG, TIG and Oxy / Acetylene. Noz-Alls stock the full range of gases ready for collection.
PPE & Safety
PPE & Safety
True colour welding masks, welding gauntlets, goggles, aprons, gloves Noz-Alls supply all the protective safety equipment your need for your protection.
Power, Hand & Air Tools
Power, Hand & Air Tools
Top quality cordless power tools with high power batteries for many metal working applications such as drilling, grinding, sawing, lighting and cleaning.
Every shop has some oddball items! This misc section of the website is for the various products with some link to welding that don't really fit in elsewhere.
Wire Brushes
Wire Brushes
Well balanced wire brushes help reduce vibration problems plus the tines remain fixed exhibiting a longer working life coupled with a wide product range.
High quality abrasives for preparing metal prior to welding as well as those abrasives for finishing joints after welding plus those for final finishing.

About Noz-Alls

Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to read this introduction. Everyone likes to know who they are actually buying from whether it is online or in person and so who is Noz-Alls?

Noz-Alls has always been a small family business that started in our spare bedroom in 1996. Back then it was just mum and dad (Pam and Terry) and we quickly outgrew the spare bedroom, garage, living room and dining room! Since 2008 Graham (son) joined Noz-Alls and we went from just wholesale of oxy/fuel nozzles and equipment to the introduction of our trade counter and sale of all electric arc welding equipment supplies. We have all remained constant since then and we have grown our range in recent years, particularly in the MIG, TIG and Plasma categories. Laser in development too. Why Noz-Alls as a company name? We sold 'noz'zles of 'all' types as a wholesaler at the start of our company life. Naturally a little bit of a play on words.

We started life based in Warrington, Cheshire before moving to Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in 2008.
The move to Cheltenham was because Graham was studying at University and after numerous visits of an ever increasing frequency, it was a March weekend sat out in a pub beer garden. The decision was made with a comment of 'we can't do this in Warrington in March'. Maybe it was luck but every time it was 2 degrees warmer from North to South.

Since having moved to Cheltenham in November 2008 to Knightsbridge Business Centre; we found that end users were in need and as a wholesaler, we were in a tricky situation. Normally we would have referred the customer to a local supplier in Warrington but now there was no local supplier. Having discussed the options we made the decision that Noz-Alls needed to move to another unit on the same industrial estate to open up not just a trade counter but a whole show room - serving you everything you could possibly need to get welding.

We have always led the way in new product development designing various nozzles including the PGNM and PHT. All of our gas welding and cutting nozzles are produced to our own techincal drawings and work safely thanks to their years of expertise put into the design. We utilise our experience on importing as a wholesaler to make sure we offer you the best value products - we are probably not the cheapest but we help you to avoid having the buy cheap, buy twice experience.
The same ethos has lead us to develop a large range of excellent value welding machines, there is something for everyone!