Acetylene - Hobbyweld Ultra
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Rent free Acetylene - Hobbyweld Ultra Cylinder

Slightly different to the mixed gases this acetylene gas cylinder is smaller in height but larger in diameter - 220mm. Contents wise, we often get asked "is it real acetylene?" to which the answer is very simply yes it is pure "dissolved acetylene" as available from the major gas suppliers, only rent free.
Some other gas suppliers try to push "Propylene" because they don't have acetylene and these companies market Propylene as an alternative to acetylene when it is in fact just 60 degrees hotter than oxy / propane and it is still a very oxidising flame leaving you with the only option of using acetylene to be able to fusion weld. 

In each cylinder you get just under 2.5 cubic meters of acetylene. This is enough contents to give a maximum withdrawal rate of 486 litres per hour. 
To give you an idea of usage time Noz-Alls have worked with Hobbyweld to produce this table below;
Nozzle Size / Type Original Acetylene Cylinder Ultra Acetylene Cylinder
#1 Welding 29 hours 86 hours
#2 Welding 14 hours 43 hours
#3 Welding 9.5 hours 28.5 hours
#5 Welding 5 hours 15.5 hours
#7 Welding not suitable 11.5 hours
#10 Welding not suitable 7.5 hours
#13 Welding not suitable 6 hours
#18 Welding not suitable 4 hours
#25 Welding not suitable not suitable
ASFN - Cut & Heat 7 hours 22 hours
0.8 AFN - Cut & Heat not suitable 10 hours
1.2 AFN - Cut & Heat not suitable 10 hours
1.6 AFN - Cut & Heat not suitable 8.5 hours


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