Argon and CO2 Mixed MIG Welding Gas Disposable Canister
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MIG Welding Mix of Inert Shielding Gas Standard Size Canister
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 Disposable Argon / CO2 Welding Gas - Carbon Dioxide Mix Standard Size Canister

This welding gas bottle is designed to take the mini regulator with the small 4mm hose fitting. 
Designed for very occasional welding use - These canisters will last for about 6 minutes of welding time.  When you plan on welding for more than 6 minutes then it is worthwhile considering using rent free Hobbyweld cylinders as they contain more than 22 canisters worth of shielding gas.

The mixed gas gives a cleaner weld than pure CO2 

Cylinder contents:- 86% Argon & 14% CO2 

Canister height = 305mm to top of M10 RH thread.
Canister diameter = 71mm
Canister diameter over weld 73 / 74mm
Canister volume 0.95L
Total weight 1.26kg

MIG Welding Shielding Gas = 60 Litres Total

Pressure inside the canister is filled to 60bar

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