Hobbyweld 5 - Rent Free MIG Mix
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Hobbyweld 5 - Rent free MIG welding gas

This mixed gas is equivalent to Argoshield Light and Cougar 5. This gas mix is ideal for MIG welding thin sheet metal of under 5mm thickness. Why use this gas over CO2? The 2% Oxygen content provides a good stable arc characteristics, 5% CO2 results in just the right level of penetration to leave a good strong weld and the 93% Argon means that welding is much cleaner and more spatter free when compared to Carbon Dioxide.

Our rental free cylinders are sold on a collection only basis.


Gas Mix 5% CO2 2% O2 93% Ar
Pressure 137 bar
Capacity 1370 Ltrs
Outlet Side Outlet
Cylinder Height ~95cm
Cylinder Colour Green Top


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