Hobbyweld Cylinder Deposit
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All Hobbyweld cylinders require a deposit. Not available for purchase online.

Original Size: £70
Plus Size: £110
Ultra Size: £190

Acetylene Original: £120
Acetylene Plus: £160
Acetylene Ultra: £255

Some gases such as Helium are sold in Original and Plus only. We stock the full range of Hobbyweld cylinders and where it is a new cylinder being taken you will have to pay for a deposit.
If you already have a Hobbyweld cylinder that requires a refill then simply pay for a refill only. 

If you no longer require the Hobbyweld cylinder then your deposit will be refunded minus an admin fee* provided the cylinder is free from damage. To process the refund we will require you to bring the deposit form back. Without it we cannot process the refund.

* Administration fee is now just £10+vat regardless of the cylinder type.
Admin fee on cylinders taken before Feb 2019; 
£30 +vat Acetylene Bottles
£15 +vat for Plus and Ultra Bottles
£10 +vat for Original Bottles


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