MIG Welder Autostar AS-250 - 250A Compact Inverter Welder
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MIG Welder Semi compact 250 Amp
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MIG Welder 250 Autostar - Compact Inverter Welder

Need a compact portable welder with a bit more oomph!  That means the Autostar MIG 250 could be just what you need being able to weld from 15 amps through to 250 amps.

This is a simple to set-up and use MIG welder with more welding power than most other compact inverters. The AutoStar 250 may be compact but it has been designed to accept full size 15kg reels of MIG wire as well as the intermediate size 5kg reels of filler wire.
As with our other inverter MIG welding machines this 250 Amp MIG welder's power may be adjusted one amp at a time which allows super fine tuning of your welding current ensuring your weld bead is exactly what you need.
Set-up and adjustment is simple with the adjustment of just two key parameters, a rotary knob for the wire feed speed and a rotary knob for adjustment of the arc welding power.  As this is a more professional MIG welder the Autostar 250 has the addition of an inductance control - the third rotary adjustment knob.  This control allows you to smooth out the arc while welding and make small adjustments which greatly reduce spatter when you're welding.
The MIG welder has two LED digital displays, a volt meter for the MIG welding power adjustment and a current meter for use with the "Arc Welding" output.

In the side wire spool enclosure the Autostar 250 MIG has a burn back control, to help ensure your weld finishes well with the filler wire disconnected and the best possible weld seam end without a crater.
Next to the burn back control there is also the wire feed / inch button which is to a assist with feeding the wire and this of course saves valuable shielding gas when loading a new spool.

The Autostar 250 MIG is supplied with a good quality 3m MB25 style Euro MIG torch as standard plus a 2 gauge G-Tech argon flow regulator which most artisans are used to using.  For a small extra cost there is the option of longer 4m MB25 style MIG torches from either CWS or Binzel original plus the option of a flow tube flow meter regulator.

Unlike most compact inverter MIG welders which only accept 5kg size spools of MIG wire this AutoStar 250 MIG accepts full size 15kg MIG wire spools (as well as the 5kg of course).
The Autostar 250A may be readily used with flux cored wire when welding outside by simply reversing the polarity by moving the work return lead from one dinse socket to the other on the front panel, simple & quick.

Key Features
Advanced IGBT inverter technology
Euro mounted MIG torch - MB25 x 3m long (4m option or Binzel 5m extra cost options)
Welding current range 15 - 250 A
Wire sizes 0,6mm 0,8mm & 1,0 mm
MIG wire spool sizes 15kg & 5kg
Electrode sizes 1,6mm - 5,0mm
Duty cycle 30% at full power (250A) at 40 degrees Celsius 
Wire speed range 2.5 - 24m / min.
MMA Hot start arc ignition
Inductance control

Size 627 x 266 x 452 mm
Weight  27kg

Input 230V 50 Hz - 12.6 kVA



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