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CWS TC5 - True Colour XL View Welding Mask - 100x93mm
£ 75.00(Inc VAT £90.00)
True colour welding helmet - Extra large viewing area. No blue hue like other True Colour masks.
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Top quality True colour welding helmet - Optical Quality
True colour welding mask with XL viewing area. 

If you are looking for a true colour welding mask with an XL viewing area then you have certainly found it. The viewing area on this mask is 100 x 93mm. Our customers who use this mask love it and have commented on just how clear the lens really is. 
Something we put on the box is that this mask is 'Proper' true colour rather than the true colour that other distributors are passing off as true colour. 

This mask will work on shades 5 right through to 13 with a light state of shade 4 for grinding work. The 4 independent arc sensors mean that working in more difficult positions is still going to give a reliable darkening response from your weld sparks. Combined with a quality designed headband which has plenty of adjustment this mask just gets better and better. 

Suitable to weld from 2 Amps in TIG. 

Does it need to get any better? Of course it does. Which is why every mask comes with a two year warranty and a welding helmet bag with front pocket to help keep your mask in top condition. 

True Colour is the latest advancement in welding lens technology giving a closer colour to what the naked eye sees. Coupled with the standard analogue setup on the top of the shell there is no fiddly button pressing inside of the mask while wearing gloves. Put simply - just set and weld. 

Finally there are two replaceable batteries and two solar panels to ensure that your mask reacts as quick as you can expect. 0.0001 of a second in fact. Which is about 100 times quicker than the blink of an eye. 

Please see related items below for replacement lenses as and when you need them.

What you get in the box.
1 x XL View Welding Mask - True Colour - Complete with headband, instructions and box
1 x Front Protection Lens
1 x Welding Helmet Bag

True Colour ADF Lens  viewing area 100 x 93mm
Exceptional lens quality
Light state shade #4
Adjustable shades
switch low 5,0  5,5  6,0  6,5  7,0  7,5  8,0 & 8,5
switch high 9,0  9,5  10,0  10,5  11,0  11,5  12,0  12,5  13,0 & 13,5
Internal digital shade adjustment, sensitivity adjustment & delay to light timer
4 independant arc sensors
Grinding mode



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