CWS TC180 - Panoramic True Colour Welding Mask - 180 degree wide view.
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Panoramic Welding Mask with 3 True Colour lenses - Massive view area and highest optical quality. No blue hue like other True Colour masks.
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CWS TC 180 Panoramic Welding Mask - When Safety is Paramount - You See More Than Any Other Mask - Panoramic Wide View Welding Helmet - Optical Quality, True Colour Welding Mask - The best optical quality on the market. 

For many of the customers that visit our showroom / trade counter one of the most expressed problems for the customer is that they are not able to see what they are welding, which of course has a direct impact on the quality of their welding.  The reason the customer cannot see what he is welding is generally due to the inadequacies of their old welding mask along with inferior ADF lens technology.
The TC180 & TC5 true colour welding masks from Noz-Alls change all that by providing you with ultra clear optics to the very highest standards along with the largest viewing area making it easier and safer to work and weld, because you really can see what you are welding.  Our customers are amazed, the difference is clearly visible.

This TC180 mask is the revised version which now has a folding cover over the controls on top of the welding mask.
You want and need a top quality mask with the best stats, This is it the CWS TC180.  Many customers have commented that this mask allows such a wide view that welding "out of position" will be so much easier due to the very wide view.  The wide view is also that which improves the safety because the view makes the welder very aware of what is around him and what is going on.

You have sought out the best welding mask at the best value for money which means you been directed to this webpage.  When only the best is good enough this welding mask makes welding easier and safer for you and those around you.  Every customer that has tried this mask on has been amazed by the clarity of view, the colours that you see and the amazing side view, having three ADF units - all true colour - vastly improves working practice and safety.

Working with the CWS TC180 means that not only do you get a mask which offers the best optical quality on the market, it is true colour without a blue or green hue. The comments we get is that this mask is like looking through a clear grinding visor when in it's light state.

The 180 degree view is market leading and is made possible through the use of the 3 auto darkening lenses. With adjustment from shade 3 ready state and shade 4 to 12 when darkened. Not only does this give the ultimate in settings for your artisan it is also one of the safest masks to use with the user being able to see what is going on around them getting no surprise taps on the shoulder. 

True Colour is the latest advancement in welding lens technology giving a closer colour rendition to what the naked eye sees. Coupled with the standard analogue adjustment controls on the top of the shell these make the adjustments easy and quick.
Put simply - just set and weld. 

The main ADF lens large view area of 115 x 85mm is coupled with two side lenses which also auto darken. These are both 68 x 35mm extending to 68 x 80mm and offer 180 degrees of viewing. We stock and sell all the spare lenses for this mask and also sell new headbands. 

This mask offers 4 arc sensors and as such is more likely to pick up a welding arc even if welding out of position making it perfect for the difficult angle jobs. Does it get better than that? This mask is suitable for welding from 2 amps in TIG. 

Finally there are two replaceable batteries (CR2450) and two solar panels to ensure that your mask reacts as quick as you can expect. 0.0001 of a second in fact. Which is about 100 times quicker than the blink of an eye. 

Please see related items below for replacement lenses as and when you need them.

What you get in the box.
1 x Panoramic Welding Mask - Complete with headband, instructions and box
1 x Panoramic Front Protection Lens
1 x Welding Helmet Bag

Please be aware of inferior masks on the market that look the same but are not of the same optical quality, we guarantee all of our panoramic welding masks are (best possible) and come complete with a 2 year warranty on the ADF lenses. 

TC180 True colour ADF Battery Consumption   -  2 off CR2450  - Lithium Ion – 3V
The TC180 ADF welding mask has 3 automatic darkening filters which all require power to function.
Your TC180 has been designed with four power consumption levels to be as efficient as possible:-
  1. Hibernation -  minimal battery consumption
  2. Awake / Auto OFF – moderate battery consumption
  3. Ready –  normal battery consumption – approximately double the power drain of the “Awake” mode - when ADF has been inactive for 15 - 30 minutes the mask returns to auto off – awake mode
  4. Working  - The ADF lenses are fully powered in the “Dark” working condition
Note: In the “Working” state the battery drain will be high should the ADF move to the dark condition without there being an arc present to power the AD filter – the dark filter working condition uses the largest amount of power – normally relying on the two front solar panels to provide the power.

Operation Notes
Hibernation state is entered when the mask is kept in the dark – mask does not react at this level of readiness.  When not in use always try to keep the mask in “Hibernation” mode.
  1. Put your mask in the mask bag provided - it is dark plus offers protection from scratches
  2. Also store your mask in a dark cupboard where there will be no environmental light exposure
Awake state – Your mask moves in to the “awake state” when environmental light has been detected, this is so that your mask is ready to move to either the Ready state or straight into the Working state condition.  With a large change in the light level being sensed the mask immediately moves to “Working” state.

Ready state – Light activity is detected which then provides the fastest ADF reaction time and is ready for arc welding at any point.  The Ready state condition is maintained for a period of 15 to 30 minutes since it was last activated by a bright light source, this allows the mask to function correctly even in very dark conditions without giving false reaction / flashes.

Working state – Any bright light but typically a welding arc will be sufficient produce the Dark Filter Condition – generally the filter shade level that you have chosen (unless the fully automatic TC180D is being used) the dark filter condition uses the maximum amount of power – under normal working conditions the two solar panels at the front of your TC180 absorb the light and generate the power for maintaining the dark filter condition in the Working state.

Limited Use and Correct Storage for the TC180
When you are not using your welding mask please do not leave your TC180 out on a bench and especially not close to or in view of a window, this is because the mask will sense changes in light which will maintain the mask in Awake, Ready or even Working mode.  The light through a window moving between cloud to bright sunlight can be sufficient to make the ADF lenses transition to the working “Dark Condition” this produces high battery drain when there is no arc light to generate the power.
Please place your TC180 mask in the mask bag provided and preferably place your mask in a closed and dark cupboard where your mask will remain in hibernation mode and use the least amount of battery power
When you believe you will not use your mask for a long period and the option of placing in the dark is not possible you may choose to open the battery pod(s) and remove the batteries, place the batteries in a clean bag where they cannot be shorted.  This will prevent the batteries from being drained while not in use.


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