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TH3 - PAPR TC180Digital Air Fed Powered Air Purifying Respirator ADF Welding Helmet Fully Automatic
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ADF Welding Helmet Wide 180 Degree View - Fully Automatic Lens DIN #4 - #14 - Steady state DIN #3 - PAPR TC180 Digital Air Fed Powered Air Purifying Respirator - TH3
PAPR TC180 Digital  Air Fed Powered Air Purifying Respirator - TH3 ADF Welding Helmet - 180 degree view and fully automatic lens

Comply with HSE requirements easily this PAPR fully automatic controlled welding mask which ensures you work safely and comfortably with a welding mask which provides superior vision improving work safety for you and those around you.  Assigned Protection Factor of 40 (APF40). The TC180D ADF welding mask does not need to be lifted and lowered being designed to be worn in place all the time, providing the best protection while allowing you to work without interruption. 

TC180D Welding Mask Details
This PAPR welding mask (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) has got to be one of the best value on the market, as you may already be aware at Noz-Alls we do try to provide you with the best that your spend can purchase and in this case this air fed TC180 – D welding mask is no exception.  What makes this so good is that it is founded on the brilliant 180 degree wide view of the TC180 true colour welding mask which features 3 ADF lenses – with this more advanced TC180D PAPR welding mask the controls are digital having improved and advanced features like gradual increase from dark to light, which reduces eye fatigue and eye strain plus fully automatic shade level control being adjusted to the correct shade level depending on the arc power.  There is the possibility for you to set your own working preference from either -ve 2 shades to +ve 2 shades from the fully automatic shade.  ADF shades range from DIN #4 to DIN #14.
The steady state of shade DIN 3 is generally light enough to work when fettling, grinding and completing positioning tasks plus of course the wide view means you are aware of your work area which increases your safety plus that of those around you, this ability means that you don’t need to lift and lower the welding mask repeatedly which improves comfort and results in you being more efficient.
While wearing this TC180D PAPR welding mask it is really simple to switch from the automatic shade adjustment used for your welding to the “grinding” setting, there is a simple push button on the side of your welding mask.
Wearing your protective gauntlets simply depress the button and the mask enters the steady state shade #3, when you are ready to weld once more simply press the button again and you are back to welding mode which you pre-set or is fully automatic.
AirWave Blower PAPR Filtered Air Supply - TH3 (APF40)
You will be very pleased to learn that while wearing your TC180D PAPR mask “dry eyes” will not happen nor will you have a “cold forehead” – both conditions frequently occur with many other air fed welding masks - this is because the TC180D PAPR mask has been designed with twin air feed pipes which supply fresh filtered air to your mouth and nose area, making this PAPR welding mask comfortable to wear and use for extended periods. 
Depending on your work tasks and requirements your air flow rate may be set at 170 l/min, 180 l/min, 190 l/min, 200 l/min, 210 l/min & 220 l/min, in practical trials most users ran the mask at 170 l/min and found that flow rate sufficient even when welding heavy section multiple pass MAG welds, and this was being undertaken for 8 hours a day. 
The air flow rate chosen will of course be down to personal preference, plus dependant on the weather, in the height of summer you may find it necessary to increase the air flow rate to ensure you remain comfortable.  No other PAPR welding mask provides you with 6 flow settings, this helps to ensure you always remain comfortable.  The flow settings so not need to be checked with a flow tube as the system self tests and maintains the flow required / set.  
Functional testing is required as a matter of good operating practice with full details provided in the manual - however a simple test is achieved using a clean A4 or A5 piece of paper and laying it over the AirWave blower unit inlet grill.  The system moves into checking mode resulting in the alarm being triggered.  Remove the paper from the grill and the system will return to normal.
Blocking the outlet pipe to blower unit tests the effect with the outlet blocked, again a similar result will be achieved.

 Maximum Comfort In Use
Your TC180D PAPR main filter power unit “Air Wave” is supported by a wide belt which makes the filter unit as comfortable as is possible to wear, the Air Wave filter unit may be worn round your waist and positioned on your hip or towards your back.  When worn on your back this PAPR system is supplied with a back and shoulder harness to help provide extended periods of comfort – this back harness is not an optional extra which you need to pay more for, you get the back harness with the TC180D PAPR & Air Wave blower as part of the kit.
The Air Wave clean air filter unit makes use of a light weight Lithium Ion battery, even though the battery is so light the operational time means that the battery will last for 10 hours of constant use (170 l/min) it has been possible to make the battery so light through the use of good quality power batteries.  The Air Wave blower unit battery will fully charge in 4 to 5 hours using the charger supplied.  When removed for charging the battery has a digital LED charge level meter indicating the charge level from 0 to 100%.
The Air Wave main filter unit makes use of a spark protector fitted just behind the air inlet grill this is followed by the pre-filter mat after which comes the main HEPA filter, the operational filters are not expensive to replace which makes this TC180D PAPR Air Wave blower economical to run.
The Air Wave main filter blower unit is intelligent and will maintain your set flow rate as the filter becomes clogged with debris from welding fume, however should a rag or a piece of paper fall or be sucked against the filter inlet grill, thus preventing the filtering air flow the motor will initially ramp up the motor speed in an effort to maintain the air flow to your face, not being possible the filter will alarm (beep) & vibrate to bring your attention to the fact that the inlet grill has become blocked.
The LED display will also read 100% clogged!

 Easy To Use
Your TC180D PAPR Air Wave filter unit is very simple to control and set using only two control buttons, a red “off” and power reduction button plus the Green “on” and power increase button.
With the battery charged and clipped in place on the blower unit a long press on the green power button will start the filter unit – a beep and vibrate will signal that the press has been acknowledged and the blower has started.
The LED display shows the following information:-
            Air flow rate – 170 l /min
            Filter Condition – “Clogged level” as a percentage from 0% to 100% clogged.
            Hours of runtime remaining – 15 hrs
            Battery charge level as a percentage 100% to 5%
(at about 5% charge the battery alarm will begin to sound about every 20 seconds – with a beep and vibrate).
The Air Wave blower unit utilises a detachable filter housing and grill which makes filter replacement simple, quick and really easy.   A press of the button at the side of the Blower unit grill / cartridge releases the edge, the cartridge pivots away and disconnects from the main body which provides access to the filters.
With clean hands plus work on a clean bench – use clean workshop paper roll to work on,
Place the filter grill cartridge face down on the clean surface, lift out the main HEPA filter, put to one side – remove the pre-filter and put straight in a waste bag or bin, lift out the spark arrestor and wipe clean as necessary.  Clean the inside of the filter grill cartridge.  Wash hands or wear a new pair of disposable gloves before touching the spark protector or the new pre-filter. Re-fit the spark arrestor and fit a new clean pre-filter – refit the main filter assuming it does not yet require replacement.
Locate the left hand edge of the filter grill into the blower unit and pivot back to the body until the grill and filters “click” into place.
The air feed hose has a bayonet fitting into the top of the blower unit, a simple 15 degree twist locks the hose in position, the air feed hose has a protective cover treated to be spark resistant.
The main air feed pipe moves to the back of the ADF mask where another bayonet fitting is used to split the air feed into a “Tee” joint which then feeds the fresh filtered air to either side of the mask, each side air feed pipe is also covered by a protective spark proof cover.
Even the TC180D PAPR carry case has been well thought out plus is better quality than many premium brand bags.  The holdall is large enough to hold the mask and filter while it is all connected together making it very convenient to use. The holdall is festooned with pockets for storage of all your smaller items, on both sides there are three deep pockets – each 230mm  deep (top to bottom) x 140mm wide, on one side there are three pockets each with a cover flap – 150 mm deep (top to bottom) x 140mm wide x 20mm depth.  Both end of your TC180D PAPR holdall has two net pockets 140 deep x 120 wide. At adjacent ends and sides there are two eyes to couple the holdall shoulder strap.
Inside the holdall along one side are four open top pockets (120mm deep) and on the other side is a single zip topped pocket along its full length 450mm x 250mm deep.
The top of the holdall closes in the middle with a zip having two zip closure pulls.

Main Features -  TC180 D PAPR Welding Mask & Air Wave Blower Unit:-
  • True colour ADF lenses x 3 off -  1 front and 2 side one either side.
  • Main ADF Lens viewing area 115 wide x 85mm high
  • Side ADF Lens 68 x 35 increasing to 68 x 80mm
  • 180 degree wide view
  • Lens optical quality graded as 1 / 1 / 1 / 1  - the very best possible
  • 5 light sensors 
  • Grind mode by touch button on side of mask
  • Gradual return to light state to reduce eye fatigue
  • Light state DIN #3 - No need to lift mask to work
  • Shade control manual set between 4 to 14 or automatic - see below
  • Automatic darkening depending on arc brightness  with personal preference adjustable -ve 2 shades to +ve 2 shades from auto level
  • ADF lens shades DIN#4 to DIN #8 plus DIN#8 to DIN #14 
  • Side ADF panels Light state DIN #3 Dark state DIN #10
  • Digital setting of welding mask parameters
  • Sensitivity 0 - 7 or automatic
  • TIG use down to 2 amps
  • Superior comfort head band
  • Twin filtered air feed to provide TH3 clean breathing air to mouth area - prevents dry eyes plus prevents cold forehead
  • Six air flow volumes to provide best possible air flow for your use.
  • 170 l/min,  180 l/min, 190 l/min, 200 l/min, 210 l/min & 220 l/min
  • LED display for air flow, filter clogging level, run time left, batter charge level
  • Auto flow control to increase air flow to maintain set flow.
  • Alarm for low battery
  • Alarm for clogged filter
  • Quick and easy filter change
  • Lithium Ion battery - light weight and 10 hour run time - charge 4 to 5 hours
  • Large good quality holdall accepts mask and blower complete along with many spare parts you may wish to add.
The complete kit in the holdall weighs just under 5kg individual items:-
  • A   TC180Digital PAPR mask complete with feed pipes & seals = 1016 g
  • B   Blower unit with belt, comfort band and harness = 1252g
  • C   Inter-connecting feed pipe with protective cover = 246g
A)   The TC180D prepared for Air TH3 PAPR mask consists of:-
  • TC180Digital with left and right air distribution nozzles
  • Head top protection cover
  • Inner head top seal
  • Neck seal with draw cords and finger pinch cord clamps
  • Superior comfort head band with inlet pipe support and clamp
  • Left hand flexible air feed pipe
  • Right hand flexible air feed pipe
  • Left hand feed pipe spark proof cover
  • Right hand feed pipe spark proof cover
  • Tee joint for air feed pipes with bayonet fitting
B)   Airwave blower unit with belt, comfort band, belt and harness
  • 6 speed automatic Airwave blower / filter unit with LCD Display
  • 14V Lithium Ion battery with digital charge meter LCD display
  • Padded back support comfort band 50cm wide x 17cm deep (max).
  • 4.8cm wide webbed belt adjustable from 26" to 52" waist (66 to 132cm)
  • Adjustable over shoulder harness with four clips to attach to blower case
  • Spark arresting filter element
  • Pre-filter mat

C)   Inter-connecting feed pipe with protective cover
  • Bayonet fitting 34mm dia. flexible air feed pipe - 80cm extends to 110cm
  • Spark proof cover 

Consumable spare parts :-
  • Main filter                    1 piece = 88g
  • Pre-filter pack          10 pieces = 26g
  • Spark protection filter  1 piece = 11g
  • Battery Li Ion 10 hour 1 piece = 286g  -  Goof for 500 charge cycles
As well as the consumable items , a full range of spare parts are available should damaged be caused to your PAPR system.

For health & hygiene reasons these masks are excluded from our returns policy

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