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CWS Model O oxy / propane lead welding torch
£ 99.17(Inc VAT £119.00)
Lead welding Model O for use with Propane. Also suitable for acetylene with the use of acetylene tips.
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CWS Model O Lead Welding Torch - Complete with oxy/propane tips

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Oxy / Propane model "O" lead welding tips allow this set to be used with propane instead of acetylene.
Our CWS model "O" torch is a good replacement for the original model "O" torch.

Due to the difficulties we continue to experience in obtaining supplies of the original BOC type Model "O" blowpipe, which is still being manufactured in the UK, means that we are generally "out of stock" hence we needed a good quality Model "O" torch of our own to keep our customers satisfied and able to lead weld with confidence. 
Due to the poor supply situation we decided at Noz-Alls that we had to do something for our customers, the situation pushed our company into seeking an alternative product, we have taken time and tested various Far Eastern  manufactured torches and found most were poor or very poor, some even dangerous.  
We now source from a higher cost reliable Chinese manufacturer, when the blowpipes arrive at Noz-Alls we strip, test and reassemble every torch, make a few amendments to improve the performance and this now means we are able to supply our own version of the Model "O" blowpipe plus have confidence in the performance as well as its safety.

Every blowpipe is tested to ensure it conforms with and meets BS EN ISO 5172 as well as being tested for performance and flame stability.  See our video of the generally available cheap variants of the model "O" and how easily and annoyingly the flame setting varies just by touching the control knob! 

Of course our CWS Model "O" blow pipe does not suffer with the same problem.
Our control valves are a little stiffer to turn but they stay fixed in position and the flame does not alter even with a #1P nozzle on a very low setting.

CWS Model "O" blowpipe comes complete with neck & 5 nozzles, 1 off each #1P, #2P, #3P, #4P & #5P
Spare necks are available as well as individual Model "O" nozzles - GB 0401A.........
We also supply a neck with a 90 degree bend - standard neck is 60 degrees.

We have super flexible 3mm bore hoses suitable for use with this blowpipe.

Due to the nozzle orifice size the Model "O" blowpipe / nozzle does not require high gas pressures, operating data is supplied with each nozzle along with a chart showing the nozzle size, lead weight and welding position.

The small rent free Hobbyweld oxygen and acetylene cylinders will easily operate the Model "O" nozzles from #1 to #5 without any flow problems. With this set being supplied with oxy / propane nozzles means that there is no flow rate restriction.  You will need to remember that the oxy / propane flame cone is typically longer than oxy / acetylene this is because the oxy / propane flame burns at a much slower rate plus requires 4 times as much oxygen.

Set includes the CWS Model "O" shank, neck and 5 nozzles 1 each of #1P, #2P, #3P, #4P & #5P
The last image shows what our own model "O" used to look like. We now have them coated. 
Picture added of the parts stripped down, some machined, some yet to be machined and then cleaned before being assembled and tested.  We fit new "O" rings and discard the old ones.
  • Conforms to BS EN 5172
  • Flame only adjusts when you use adjust the knobs. Unlike inferior copies that might not actually be any cheaper. 
  • Clearly coloured plastic coating 
  • Rotatable mixer without the need to turn off or disconnect gas
  • Stripped, machined and finished by ourselves in Cheltenham
  • Model O tips are machined by ourselves in Cheltenham 

Pressure settings; 
0.1 bar - 0.34 bar for Propane or Propylene / MAPP gas
0.1 bar - 0.7 bar for Oxygen
Subject to nozzle size being used.  
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