Cat2 Red MIG Gauntlets
Item code: DC0100
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Basic MIG welding gloves
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MIG Welding Gloves - Red Low Cost

These gloves are termed to be a basic set of gloves. At Noz-Alls we have tried many different versions of these "red" MIG gauntlets, many may only be pennies cheaper however we found the stitching to be poor and uneven at best. Poor stitching results in gaps along the seams and MIG sparks entering the glove and buring your hand! 
Therefore even with our economy MIG welding gauntlets we make sure they perform correctly for your safety.  It is this reason that our "cheap" red gauntlets may cost about 60p more but they should last longer than the inferior red cat 2 MIG gloves you can see on the market. 



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