MIG Welder Headux Titan Inverter MIG 180Amp - Headux Titan MIG 188 Package
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After the best MIG welder for your money Headux 180 amp MIG welder with MMA welding function. Spool on gun ready and push pull torch capable. The perfect machine for a keen hobbiest through to the mobile welding professionals. The 2 year warranty can be upgraded to 5 years.
Upgrade to 4m MB15 (£6.00)
5 Year Warranty (£58.00)
3m Spool-on-gun (£150.00)
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MIG Welder Headux 180 amp - portable IGBT inverter machine.

At Noz-Alls we know you want the best MIG welder for your money, the Headux range offers this to you, true value for money.  Starting with this entry level model the Titan 188 MIG welder is simple to set and easy to use whilst producing brilliant weld results ensuring you of great value for money.
This has to be the best 180 Amp MIG welder you can get your hands on at this price level and even more besides, in addition this welder is in stock now ready for immediate despatch.  The Headux Titan 188 will operate from a normal domestic 13 amp 3 pin electricity supply being able to weld from its minimum of 30 amps right through to about 130 Amps where it will peak simply because you cannot draw more current than the 13 amp circuit is able to supply!  On a 13A socket the available welding power range makes it ideal for automotive and structural welding projects, all being possible. When you need the extra power hook up to a 16Amp supply.

Setting Up
The ease of setting is true for both MIG and MMA welding modes,  the same goes for the welding results in both modes as well, so no matter whether you are a professional welder or an occasional welder the Titan 188 from Headux will help you achieve excellent weld results due to it having intelligent circuitry to help reduce spatter.
In MMA mode this Titan 188 has hot start which helps to stop electrodes from sticking when striking up the arc.

Working Power Range 30 - 180 Amps
This MIG machine has a really useful low 30 amp minimum setting ideal for thin metal below 1,00mm thickness right up to the maximum welding amperage of 180 amps which may be adjusted and set at a fraction of an amp at a time and welds beautifully across the entire settings range.
Being an incredibly forgiving machine makes for the perfect weld no matter whether you are a keen DIY'er or professional mobile welder having features like built in technology which helps to minimise spatter.  The Titan 188 MIG machine will run 0.6, 0.8 and 1.0mm wire with an option to also run gas less wire.
At Noz-Alls we will always recommend using wire designed for use with shielding gas as weld results will nearly always be better. If for whatever reason you do need to change the polarity it is very quick and easy thanks to the large dinse plug on the front of the machine.  Flux cored wire often has to be used when welding outside, or of course switch to MMA / stick welding mode and weld with arc electrodes sizes 1,6mm up to 3,2mm (material thickness 0,8mm to 6.4mm - half to double the electrode size is the normal working range for an electrode).

Uncompromised Welding Style
Welding from 30 to 180 amps make the welder perfect for thin car body panels right up to thicker pieces of plate and box section. Welding current may be adjusted a fraction of an amp at a time so you are able to set exactly the right current for the job you are doing without having to adjust the wire speed to compensate.
 Having a high 25% duty cycle at full power - 180 Amps - measured at 40 C, means that whatever the project, this machine will keep performing well for long working periods. 
Duty cycle is measured in 10 minute segments,so the 25% Duty Cycle would mean that you are able to weld for 2.5 minutes with 7.5 minutes rest when welding at full power (180 amps) with an ambient working temperature of 40C. 

Actual Duty Cycle Test Results
In reality what does this mean for you, well in our test at Noz-Alls we were able to weld at full power (180A) with 1,0mm MIG wire (Argon + 5%Co2 gas mix) for a continuous 12 minutes and 38 seconds before we stopped due to our discomfort due to the heat being generated from the weld, we used a MB25 MIG torch as it has a higher duty cycle than the MB15 style normally supplied / used with this power of welder.  Further field trials carried out at a local fabrication firm who tested this machine, they operated the Titan 188 MIG every day for over a month, in a production enviroment, they loved it commenting how clean the weld was. The Titan 188 was very well received and although at first they were dubious because of it's small size they were really impressed with the performance from such a small and portable welder.

Extended Duty Cycle Possible - Please ask
Should you want or need high power for long working periods then we have the option of increasing up to 40% duty cycle at full power (180Amps) when measured at 40C, which means this also provides:-
147 Amps at 60 % duty cycle or 
114Amps at 100% duty cycle based on ambient temperature of 40C. 
Note that this option requires a 32 Amp blue plug to take advantage of the power.
Should you wish to take advantage of this option please let us know when you order - The price for this extended duty cycle power option is £42.00 + VAT  plus the cost of a 32 Amp plug should you require.
Stick welding the amperage is lowered to just 10 amps and will run right up to 160 amps. This means you are well in the safe zone for welding with 1.6mm rods right through to 3.2mm rods. If you do ever use this machine in MMA mode you will be perfectly happy with it's performance. Much like welding with other IGBT stick sets but with the added bonus of the fact it is a MIG welder. 

Professional Features
With a 40 watt wire feed motor the wire feed will be reliable for a long time to come and not cause issues like some machines. The same may be said with just how the machine has been constructed. Simple elements like threaded  captive nuts for the case screws to remain securely in place, heat sync supports integral to the case design, providing a forced air cooling 'tunnel' to make the fan cooling even more efficient plus many other design details which make this MIG welder a machine that is designed to last. 

The machine includes features often only found on much more costly MIG welders like the socket for a "spool on gun" MIG torch which makes welding with soft wires like aluminium and CuSi brazing wire more easy.

The Titan 188 has a burn back control as well as a wire "inch" control in the wire cavity. Switching to flux cored wire is very simple when you need to weld outside in the open, simply swap the dinse plugs over on the front panel. 
At the rear of the machine you have the convenience of the gas hose being fitted using a quick connector so you may simply plug or unplug the hose on to your welder making it much easier to move.
When welding outside using gas less / flux cored wire the change doesn't require any tools and takes just two seconds, unclip the the dinse plug on the panel front and swap over to the second  "-" dinse socket move the work return lead to the "+" dinse socket.

If you  request a standard heavy duty 13 Amp 3 pin plug instead of the 16 Amp blue plug included with you machine you need to remember that you will most probably not  be able to operate at full power, only being able to work up to 130 or 140 Amps before the fuse blows.
This is probably the best MIG welder you can buy for your money.  

So what do you get?
The answer is rather simple but for clarity it is as follows:-

Titan 188 MIG Welder 180 amp MIG & 160A MMA welder with:- 
2 meter primary power cable
3m MB15 style MIG Euro mounting torch  (options available)
3m work return lead (earth lead) with dinse plug and crocodile clamp
Fitted gas hose 3m with quick connector 
True flow meter Shielding gas regulator 2 - 30 l/min
16 amp blue plug (not fitted - 13A options available)
Instruction manual - written by Noz-Alls
Quick start guide - written by Noz-Alls
2 year warranty 

Optional bits - yes there will always be optional parts! 
5 year warranty (3 year extension)
This machine is spool on gun ready so if you have a use for a spool on gun torch then you don't have to spend out on a retrofit torch.   The spool on gun torch is available in either 3m or 8m versions at a cost of £156 or £221 respectively.  See the MIG torch section.
Torch upgrades - length and type. If you want to swap the standard torch out please contact us. Standard lengths include 3m, 4m & 5m longer are available.
MMA torch - we make these up to order so the choice is yours in terms of length and electrode holder type. Whatever you need give us a call or email and we can quote you. We have most of the popular electrode holder types, various "twist" options as well as various "crocodile" types.
Wire! Well the machine wouldn't weld without it. We have a range of material types and diameters but the most common ones are listed in the related products section. 

Technical Spec 
Mains Requirements AC 230 Volts  50/60 Hz
Input Power 7 kVA
No-load Voltage 50 V
Power Factor  0.7
Amperage Range MIG 30 - 180 MMA 10 - 160
Voltage Range MIG 15.5 - 23 MMA 20.4 - 26.4
Duty Cycle at 40°C MIG 25% @ 180 MMA 25% @ 160
Spool Holder 200mm   5kg Type
Protection Class IP21S
Insulation Class F
I₁ max MIG 30.4 A MMA 30.9 A
I₁ eff MIG 15.2 A MMA 15.5 A
Machine Weight 12.4 kg
Dimensions LxWxH 490 x 195 x 380mm

Having been asked if our Headux MIG welder uses "IGBT" transistors then the answer is yes and I have added a couple of photos of the main power board of the "188" where the IGBT are clearly visible cemented to the large heat sinks.  
Technical Spec 
Mains Requirements AC 230 Volts  50/60 Hz
Input Power kVA
No-load Voltage 50 V
Power Factor  0.7
Amperage Range MIG 30 - 180 MMA 10 - 160
Voltage Range MIG 15.5 - 23 MMA 20.4 - 26.4
Duty Cycle at 40°C MIG 25% @ 180 MMA 25% @ 160
Spool Holder 200mm   5kg Type
Protection Class IP21S
Insulation Class F
I₁ max MIG 30.4 A MMA 30.9 A
I₁ eff MIG 15.2 A MMA 15.5 A
Machine Weight 12.4 kg
Dimensions LxWxH 490 x 195 x 380mm

If you require any more technical information about this machine please call or email us and we will be happy to help you. 
No audio - a brief video to give you more of an idea about the machine.

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