GCE - Resettable Flash Back Arrestor
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Fuel and Oxygen available
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Regulator Mounted Flash Back Arrestor - Resettable 

These resettable FBA have a large cylindrical  flame arrestor element  which allows a high gas flow through for such a compact design.  The higher the flow capacity the lower the potential pressure drop so the less operating problems will be experienced.  These FBA provide five safety features for your improved safety.
 A)    Large size sintered flame quenching element
B)     Non-return valve to prevent gases back feeding.
C)     Pressure actuated valve - differential pressure trips the valve and closes the valve preventing further gas             flow.  This also trips out the lever to show a back flow / flashback / leak has occurred.
D)     Temperature actuated valve - external or internal fire will heat up the thermal plug and shut off the gas
F)     Visual indication of a problem with a manual resetting lever.

For your protection from flashback and potential cylinder fires this is the FBA to fit.  The side warning lever indicated when a problem has occurred which can then prompt further action to investigate what happened and why.
When the fault / reason for the indication lever having been tripped has been established the FBA may be reset.

Fitting and using flashback arrestors is common sense plus generally a requirement by your insurance company for operating a business.

  • Maximum number of safety features defined by EN730-1
  • High visibility trip/reset lever coupled with quick acting reset even when pressurised
  • Angled inlet to minimise hose damage
  • 100% production flame tested for Flashback resistance
  • Inspection dates can be marked on product for easy reference


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