Oxygen Safe Leak Detector Spray
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Suitable for use with oxygen pipe line as well as fuel and inert hoses and connections.
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Oxygen Safe Leak Detector Spray 

This spray comes in a pressurized can with 400ml contents. It is suitable for argon, argon mix, acetylene, propane and importantly oxygen hoses and connections. If you have an oxy fuel setup you must not risk using leak detector spray or bubble solution that is not intended for use with oxygen. 
If your spray doesn't say oxygen compatible then it probably isn't. We sell both the oxygen compatible version as well as the standard version more commonly used on MIG and TIG gases. 

Spray on and watch for small bubbles developing. You can also spray onto a paintbrush and then work the liquid into the various joins along the oxygen line.
Remember to test all joints;
Bottle outlet and reg bullnose 
All connections into the regulator body
Connection between the regulator and the flash back arrestor 
Connection between the flash back arrestor and the hose
Connection between the hose and torch 
Any knobs and connecting parts of the torch


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