Jasic JT-180DV - Jasic DC TIG Welder 180 Amp Dual Voltage
Item code: FJ0608
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Auto - 110v or 230v DC TIG Welder - 5 Year Warranty
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Jasic TIG 180 Dual Voltage - JT-180DV

The Jasic TIG 180 DV is a simple TIG welder aimed at the lower end of the professional market where the user may be required to go on site where only 110 volts is allowed. For any user looking to be able to TIG weld as well as stick weld with a minimum of fuss. 

This TIG welder runs on an IGBT inverter (like all Jasic inverters) which makes it generator friendly. Because of the superior build quality you also get a 2 year standard warranty and because you are buying it from Noz-alls, we register the warranty for you which increases it to a market leading 5 years. 

Simple touches reflect the quality of this machine from a robust handle design to the rubberised case plastics - it really is a product you can feel confident in. 

Key Features
Dual Voltage - automatically detects the power in and adjusts to what you need.
HF start - longer tungsten life and easier arc striking. 
MMA, TIG switch - two machines in one! 
Down slope and post flow - no TIG crater at the end of your weld. 
IGBT inverter - adapts to voltage change, generator friendly.
Single PCB design - improved reliability.

Technical Information
Input KvA7.15.2
Current Range10 - 180 Amps10 - 120 Amps10 - 160 Amps10 - 100 Amps
Duty Cycle @ 40°C35% @ 180 Amps35% @ 120 Amps
No Load Voltage6560
Efficiency 85%
Power Factor0.7
Insulation ClassIP21 S/F
Dimensions (mm)365 x 135 x 227
Weight5.94 kg




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