Johnson Matthey - Low Temperature Aluminium / Copper Brazing ZA-1 Alu-flo
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Repair & Joint Rod
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Low Temperature Aluminium / Copper Brazing ZA-1 Alu-flo

Low temperature aluminium brazing rod with built in flux channel to ensure correct joint strength specially developed by Johnson Matthey for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry where need exists to repair and join aluminium to aluminium as well as aluminium to copper.
ZA-1 is a professional rod which will achieve professional results.  Dont compare this to the cheap Dura Fix zinc rods.
Note, dont believe the hype about Zinc rods like Dura Fix as they cannot weld and DuraFix does not weld aluminium.  You can only weld aluminium with proper aluminium rods and or the TIG or Oxy /acetylene  process.

Sold per rod.

Johnson Matthey

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