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Mini Lead Welding Model O Setup - CWS Original
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Noz-Alls work on every Model O torch before it is sold. For possibly the best Model O torch on the market make sure you buy the CWS Model O. This set is perfect for anyone that needs to take the gases high up with them.
CWS Mini Model "O" Lead Welding Torch Set

When it comes to lead welding torches then ours is possibly the best in the market. We don't just buy and sell any old torch and say it is produced to a UK design, technically all Model O torches are. It is afterall a British torch type. 
Our Model O torch does not adjust when you turn your hand over to start working with the lead, it will not adjust at the smallest of knocks on the valve knobs. It will perform beautifully and adjust accurately to your needs. 

Every Model O torch that arrives to us is fully stripped down, machined, assembles and tested before we sell them. How do we know this? We do it all ourselves in Cheltenham. If it doesn't have our own brand logo 'CWS' on the torch then it may not perform to the standard that you would like. 
Every torch after it has been worked on gets reassembled with UK produced O-rings and every Model O torch is leak tested at both low pressure and high pressure. To help prove consistency of quality torches we also flame test 10% of torches at random. 

The video tab contains a video showing just how reliable the flame adjustment is on the torch and how it compares to other competition in the market. 

Of course, a top quality lead torch is nothing without a top quality welding tip. All our Model O propane welding nozzles (sizes 1 to 5) are finished by ourselves. This ensures you get the quality that you really deserve and of course you get a proper flame shape making use a lot easier. Please continue this trend and when you need more tips make sure it is CWS tips. 

We don't stop at the best quality lead welding torches either! We supply this particular Model O setup with 2 meters of hose and not just the chunky standard bore hose. Our hose is specially produced for ourselves and adheres to BS EN 3821 despite not being required to. This hose is super flexible and you barely notice the hose on the end of the torch. This makes holding and using the torch much easier and should enable you to get a neater finish on your lead joint / welds. 

At Noz-Alls we always try to do things sensibly, some suppliers of slightly cheaper kits have the hoses fit directly to a nipple on the regulator. If and when the nipple snaps from an accidental knock they are unfortunately faced with having to buy a new regulator. Our hoses, no problem. No built in nipples to the regulator and the nipple in the hose is quick and easy to change if you were to damage it or the hose. Not to mention miles cheaper than a new reg. 

There are some cheaper options in the market which do not include true flash back arrestors. We however adhere to the safety guidelines of BCGA (British Compressed Gases Association) which stipulates flash back arrestors must be used. When it comes to personal safety we don't mess around. The flash back arrestors on our mini lead welding setup are the same industrial quality as we would supply to a standard gas cutting and welding set. They are German made, BAM approved flash back arrestos fitted with a non-return valve (NV), thermal protection (TA) and a flame arrestor (FA). 

Continuing along the line of a proper good quality portable propane Model O setup - we have also kept things simple when it comes to gas. No bespoke threads, no manufacture locking you in to just one brand of gas. The propane cylinder can be bought from any decent DIY or plumbers store (and us too), the oxygen bottle is the most standard oxygen bottle available M10 right hand thread. No silly M12 thread or backwards threads to keep you locked in. Just good honest standard bottles. 

Why not use MAPP? Once upon a time when MAPP was methylacetylene and propadiene it was a hotter gas and it was a better gas. True MAPP has however been an obsolete gas for a long time now. Manufacturers still sell a yellow can of gas and call it things like MAP Pro or MAP Professional but it is in fact just propylene which all told is about 30 degrees C hotter than standard propane. Is 30 degrees worth the extra 5 or 6 pounds? Not in our opinion. 
Having said that, if you want to switch over and pay the extra the Mini Model O Set will still work in the same way and there will be no detrimental affects. 

The final thing, as per the images... every torch we sell comes complete with a table of pressure settings and which nozzle size to use and when. It may prove helpful when it comes to setting up. Keep this handy or just refer to our website images while on the roof! 

What do you get for your money? 
Metal Stand 
Propane Gas
Oxygen Gas
Propane Regulator
Oxygen Regulator
Fuel Flash Back Arrestor 
Oxygen Flash Back Arrestor 
2m Micro Bore Hose - Propane
2m Micro Bore Hose - Oxygen 
CWS Original Model O Torch 
CWS Propane Model O Welding Tips #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (one of each)
  • UK machined and finished in Cheltenham by Noz-Alls
  • Rotateable neck while in use
  • Precise valve controls that don't 'adjust on their own'
  • Plastic coated colour identification handle 
  • CWS branded and comes with CWS Original tips
  • Micro bore super flexible 2m hose
  • BAM approved flash back arrestors
  • Totally portable
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