Mirco Torch Tips Curved - Welding Nozzles Oxy / Acetylene Uniweld - Artorch
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Mirco Torch Tips - Welding Nozzles Oxy / Acetylene Micro Welding Nozzle
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Micro Flame Welding Nozzles - Oxy / Acetylene

Micro welding nozzle designed for use with oxy / acetylene.  When used with oxy / acetylene may be used for fusion welding of steel and other materials when using the correct flux.  Flame temperature is normally 3106°C.

The standard oxy / acetylene nozzles may also be used with oxy / hydrogen where complete purity is required for joining / welding metals together.

These micro tips have very small flames and can be extremely difficult to ignite.  The welding nozzles size 1 to size 3 have the outlet orifice drilled through an industrial sapphire to ensure correct size and flame shape.  Sizes 4, 5, 6 & 7 have a swaged outlet.  See picture 3 & 4.  Picture 3 is with a fibre optic light passed up to the sapphire and the illumination passing through.  Picture 4 is with the light turned off - #2 holes size is 0.006".

There are nozzles which have been designed specifically for use with oxy / propane, oxy / propylene available which may be used for brazing and silver soldering but of course cannot be used for welding.

Stock of size 1 is limited as this size has been made obsolete.
Please note that these are genuine American parts imported from America and not cheap copies.


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