Weldability VZFC08045 - 0.8mm 0.45kg Flux Cored Wire - Mild Steel
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 Weldability 0.8mm 0.45kg Gasless Wire

Flux cored wire for mild steel MIG welding. This wire is ideal for use where you cannot easily or safely use a gas bottle or where the air flow is such that using a gas shield would be ineffective. 

Of course, it is also suitable for small gas/gasless hobby MIG welding machines however at Noz-Alls we recommend that for the difference weld performance, the cost of setting up for a gas setup and the higher price of flux cored wire it is a good investment to go with a gas setup. 

5kg of Flux Cored is between 5 and 6  times the cost of 5kg Copper coated mild steel wire. Once you have used 10-15kg of cored wire you will then be on about a level par in price. The difference in weld quality and spatter volume will be worth the difference. 


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