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3M 751220 - Speedglas 100 Blaze (Flame)
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3M Speedglas 100 Blaze - 3M Part Number: 751220

This attractive 3M 'Speedglas' welding helmet is competitively priced for those that want to stand out from other welders in the factory while maintaining high quality and functionality that comes as standard in all 3M helmets. 

In addition to the flaming fire design this helmet has a;
  • Battery and solar cell power source
  • Variable shade 8 to 12
  • Light state of shade 3
  • Switching time of 0.1ms
  • Viewing screen of 44mm x 93mm
  • Sensitivity control of 3 steps
If you need more information please check the Speedglas 100 data sheet and instructions. This is in PDF format.

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