CWS - Model O Acetylene Lead Welding Tips - CWS UK Made
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Acetylene Welding Tips
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Acetylene Model O Gas Welding Tips - CWS 

Noz-Alls have started producing our own CWS branded tips. These are finished and tested by ourselves in Cheltenham to ensure the right flame shape and quality. 

The roofers and lead burners torch of choice is the Model O. For all Model O torches our tips will fit. The acetylene tips are as per the original design with a flat face surface.

As with any of the smaller torches there is an overlap in nozzle sizes. As such, if you find that the size 1 welding nozzle for the FN or the Type 3 / Type 5 torches are too big then switching to the Model O torch may well be just what you need. A size 1 Lt. Wt. or "swaged" type 5 welding nozzle is between a size 3 and a size 4 Model O tip. 

At Noz-Alls we have also produced Model O tips specifically for Propane following the increasing trend for people using Propane to braze and heat.  


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