Headux Pulsed MIG Welder 218XP 200 Amp - Synergic Inverter MIG Package
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A compact and portable Pulsed MIG Inverter with full synergic setup - take out the need to work out a setup and just weld! This machine will do MIG, TIG and MMA.
5 Year Warranty (£78.00)
3m Spool-on-gun (£150.00)
8m Spool-on-gun (£223.00)
TIG Torch with Euro MIG Connector (£49.00)
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Headux Titan 218XP Synergic Double Pulsed Compact IGBT Inverter MIG Welder - Multi Process Welding Machine.

Headux 218XP MIG  welder is so simple to set, has easy to use menus delivers great welding results from the off! 
Examples of the menu screen and sequence required have been included in the images section.
This Headux inverter MIG welder gives you the option of being able to weld in the following modes:-
              Synergic MIG Mild Steel              20 - 200 Amps   15 - 24Volts
              Synergic MIG Stainless Steel      20 - 200 Amps   15 - 24Volts
              Synergic MIG Aluminium             20 - 200 Amps   15 - 24Volts
              Manual Two Control MIG – but with more advanced settings.
              Lift TIG                                          10 - 200 Amps   10.4 - 18Volts
              MMA Stick Welding                      10 - 170 Amps   20.4 - 26.8Volts

What does “synergic” really mean, very simply put for synergic you may read this as “easier to set” synergic welding machines in effect de-skill the setting process and the need to make decisions concerning the correct welding amperage and wire feed rates to achieve the best results.  Synergic setting helps to make setting the correct welding parameters much more easy, this feature is a real advantage and very useful for the novice welder.  The experienced welder it saves time with quick setting and with the ability to "trim" the setting to suit the experienced welder's technique.

When welding mild steel we often refer to the “sizzling bacon” sound or “buzzing bumble bee” sound when we have the welding parameters set correctly and you are welding / producing proper welds with good / full fusion. 
For all welding there is a synergy between:-
           - the material thickness being welded,
           - the filler wire size being used,
           - the type of shielding gas,
           - the filler wire feed speed
           - plus of course the welding voltage and amperage
not forgetting the importance of how you manipulate the torch along with your welding technique. 
Due to the synergy between all these factors, you know that when you weld a certain job with say 0,8mm wire should you only have 1,00mm wire available to do the job you have to change the voltage / amperage plus the wire feed rate to compensate for using thicker filler wire.  That is where the “synergic welder” comes in.  The “synergy” between these variables is based on an algorithm which allows you to vary an input parameter and the welding machine will make the necessary adjustments so as to provide what is assumed to be the correct result.  In practice this is never quite right hence why there is a “trim” selection which allows for you to adjust to your welding technique and method, not to say it is incorrect, just different to the in-built algorithm.
Please be aware that the synergic welder does not have the ability to make a poor or bad welder instantly into a good welder!  It is important that you know how to achieve good welding results and obtain full fusion, your welds may not be the most uniform or prettiest, as that takes continual practice plus some instruction to help overcome “visual or surface weld bead faults”.  The synergic welder will assist you to reach acceptable results much more quickly by “pointing you in the right direction” from the start.
This Headux 218XP MIG / MAG welder does provide you with many options which range from basic two control MIG through to single or double pulse Synergic MIG welding on a variety of metals with synergic set-ups for common types of Aluminium, stainless steels plus of course welding mild steel with various options for the shielding gas in use.
This is the ideal compact MIG welder for welding mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.  The simple operating menu help make the 218XP easy to set-up for your choice of material, the synergic setting may also be adjusted to suit your welding style and joint.  Should you need assistance please give Noz-Alls a call on 01242 681052
The synergic welding options are based on and include:-
Mild steel filler wire 0,8mm or 1,0mm with the option of welding with
              92% Argon,  (HobbyWeld 5 mix 93% Ar. + 5% CO2  + 2% O2)
              82% Argon or (HobbyWeld 15 mix 83% Ar.  + 15% CO2  + 2% O2)
              Pure CO2  (HobbyWeld industrial  CO2 100%)
Due to the ability for the synergic welder to control the arc better than a basic welder larger wire sizes may be used on thinner section metal.  Therefore using the synergic setting for mild steel sheet, with the material thickness reduced to 0,6mm the power setting is 44amps when using 0,8mm MIG wire which on a conventional MIG welder would probably "blow through" but with the synergic control a proper result is obtained.

Synergic Stainless steel options are based on and include:-
Stainless steel filler wire 0,8mm or 1,0mm with the option of welding either
              E308  with 98% Argon 
              E316 with 98% Argon
Synergic aluminium welding options are based on and include:-
Aluminium filler wire 1,0mm or 1,2mm with the option of welding:-
             ER 1000 series - Pure aluminium 99.5%  with 100% Ar.
             ER 4043 type – 5% Si   with 100% Ar.
             ER 5356 type – 5% Mg with 100% Ar.
             ER 5000 series – 4.5 Mn  with 100% Ar.
The MIG welding processes which you may choose from are:-
               - DC synergic MIG
               - Pulsed MIG
               - Double pulsed MIG

Other more specialised settings include Fusion Adjusted Superior Technique:-

  • FAST - Synergic MIG
  • FAST - Pulsed MIG
  • FAST - Double Pulsed MIG
  • FAST - Cold Welding
  • FAST - Root Welding
  • FAST - Up Welding

The above settings all have the arc and or the arc + pulse "tweaked" to provide superior performance providing a fluent arc and superior transfer making the task a little easier to achieve using a modified arc pattern.

For those material options not covered by the synergic setting then the "Manual MIG"  option may be used.  The synergic setting closest to your material will provide a good starting point.

Trigger modes are as follows:-
2T – standard trigger mode common with most MIG welders, squeeze trigger which initiates shielding gas, wire feed and arc welding current, release trigger and welding stops (post flow happens – often pre-set value)
4T – Advanced trigger mode common on many better MIG welders, with “4T” you  squeeze and release the trigger which initiates shielding gas, wire feed and arc welding current, you are able to continue welding without having to apply pressure to the trigger. To stop welding the trigger is squeezed once again and the power either stops or moves into the power down sequence. Post flow continues for as long as has been pre-set.
SP4T – Advanced trigger mode this trigger mode is one of the most useful for welding highly conductive materials with low melting point – such as aluminium.
The Stepped Power – 4T trigger mode provides the initial higher power set which is  required to start welding, trigger is held down until the heat is in the plate, release the trigger and the welding power drops to your set values so you don’t suffer the build up of heat generally experienced with less advanced welders which may result in burn through.  Welding may continue at the lower setting until you reach the end of your weld when you squeeze the trigger which will then drop the power to your set level to prevent burn through at the end of the weld, release the trigger and the power switches off and post flow continues for the predetermined period to protect the weld bead from the air.
SP2T – Advanced trigger mode – this trigger mode gives you the advantages of SP4T in this case with the SP2T stepped power the high initial current and tail off current are both pre-set for a predetermined time which you select from 0 to 50 seconds in both cases. 
For welding the initial trigger squeeze is held, in position, the welder will start at the pre-set high current level for the time you have pre-set and will then drop down to the normal welding level after say 3 seconds, welding will continue so long as you squeeze the trigger, when you release the trigger then the power down mode is entered and the pre-set reduced power level is actioned for the length of time set, in this case say 1.5 seconds after which the post flow will continue for the time you have set to protect the weld.  Should you need assistance please give Noz-Alls a call.
Other Advanced Settings Include:-
                      - Wire burn back variable from 0 to 50%
                      - Inductance variable from 0 to 50%
                      - Wire creep speed or soft start is variable between 1 to 15 m/min
                      - Shielding gas pre-flow variable from 0.1 to 10 seconds
                      - Shielding gas post flow variable from 0.1 to 50 seconds 
When in synergic mode the “power” / “Wire Speed” control is adjusted to match what you require and adjust the arc. This trim control provides from –ve 50%  to +ve 50%
The Headux 218XP Synergic MIG welder is supplied complete with a 3m MB25 style MIG torch plus a proper flowmeter regulator which uses a float to indicate actual gas flow.  The welder has a “spool on Gun” interface for using soft wires.

Stick Welding
The welder is an accomplished stick or MMA welder, for safety there is the ability to switch the "VRD" on plus with features like both "Hot Start" and the "Arc Force" being adjustable this makes for easy arc welding. In addition there are settings for normal welding electrodes as well as cellulosic welding electrodes.  Stick welding electrode holder leads can be made up to suit your requirements as there are many different types of electrode holder plus of course different quality of electrode holders.
At Noz-Alls we only use good quality copper cable and Binzel original Dinse plugs.

The MIG welder accepts 5kg / 200mm wire spools    
Instruction manual & Quick start guide - written by Noz-Alls
2 year warranty    
16 amp blue plug (not fitted) 
Size L x W x H = 540mm x 195mm x 380mm - Weight 13,5kg

Top quality CWS Euro mounting MIG torch MB25 style x 3m
Other torch options are available on request.
3m long work return lead with large Dinse plug and crocodile clamp .   
Good quality metal wire feed drive  incorporating a 40 Watt motor for smooth and consistent wire feeding.
Control socket for “spool on gun” MIG torch for Aluminium & CuSi brazing.
Operating current ranges:-
MIG amperage range 30-195
MIG voltage range 14.5 - 26,5 
MMA amperage range 10-195
MMA voltage range 20 - 26.4

Duty cycle measured @ 40°C
MIG 40% at 195 Amps &
MIG 100% at 127 Amps
MMA 40% at 180 amps 
MMA 60% at 120 amps

Power input required
230 volt 50Hz input 9.1kVA 

Wire inch button            
1.5 m  fitted gas hose with quick connector
Proper flow regulator with flow tube 2-30L/min 
Accepts 5kg / 200mm wire spools    
Instruction manual - Quick start guide - written by Noz-Alls
2 year warranty    
16 amp blue plug (not fitted) 
Size L x W x H = 520mm x 195mm x 380mm - Weight 15,5kg

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