Fuel FBA - Flash Back Arrestor - Reg Mount G3/8 BSP L/H
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Acetylene / Propane / Hydrogen FBA BAM Approved Flash Back Arrestor (FBA)
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FBA G3/8 Fuel Reg Mounted - 3 Function Flash Back Arrestor - Multiple Use.

This FBA is about the best value for money to get you working safely and legally. From a legal stand point all oxy / fuel sets must use a flashback arrestor on each gas supply i.e both oxygen & fuel gas. 

Please select the gas type required from the option drop down menu. Acetylene and propane or propylene will use the same Flash Back Arrestor (FBA). This is listed as 'Fuel' and comes with a left hand 3/8" BSP thread to connect to a standard regulator outlet. The oxygen FBA comes with a 3/8" BSP right hand thread. 

Our German manufactured FBAs have 3 functions:-
"FA"  Flame Arrestor  - The first is the flame quenching element which is of course a sintered metal filter which absorbs the heat from a flashback (when the conditions are within the design parameters)
"NV" Non Return Valve - The second function is that these regulator mounted FBA incorporate a non-return valve to prevent the back feeding of gases, the primary cause of flashbacks.
"TV" The third and final element to this flashback arrestor is the thermal cut off valve which is activated by heat. This thermal trip is a final fail safe designed to cut the incoming gas supply off permanently.
The thermally activated cut off valve is not and will not be triggered by experiencing a flash back alone. An external fire or an internal fire would cause the valve to close, helping to prevent further damage.

These flashback arrestors may be used continually even when having suffered many flashbacks, these flashback arrestors do not require resetting.

Should you be unfortunate and experience a flashback then it is important to investigate why so you may prevent any future problems from occurring.
The primary cause for the majority of flashbacks will be due to incorrect lighting up procedure and failure to purge the gases properly.
The second most common cause is lighting up with too low a fuel gas flow combined with a leaking oxygen valve.
Therefore - check your gas equipment for - damage - for leaks et cetera before lighting up and then light up correctly.  If you need advice please give us a call.



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