Headux TitanTIG 200ACPro - Headux TitanTIG 200 PACDC PRO - Package
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A slim AC DC TIG welder. 200 amps with AC frequency settings. Optional 5 year warranty.
5 Year Warranty (£142.00)
Include Foot Control (£110.00)
Add Torch with Amperage Adjustment (£60.00)
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Headux TitanTIG 200 PRO Pulse AC/DC Inverter

The welding parameters may be adjusted steplessly from the front panel which includes start current, crater arc current, welding current, base current, duty ratio, upslope time, downslope time, pre-gas, post gas, pulse frequency, AC frequency, AC balance, hot start, arc force and arc length.

The first question that you are bound to ask is how is the PRO unit different to the entry level Headux ACDC TIG welder. 
Other than a different looking control panel and longer machine length we completely understand your thoughts. 
The three key differences are; 
* 3 Wave forms rather than 1. 
(Square wave, sine wave and triangle wave)
* 9 Job memory rather than none
(Perfect if you have a few different jobs done on a regular basis)
* AC frequency adjustment rather than preset to 65 Hz
(Tailor your AC arc to how tight or wide you would like it)

Also - higher pulse frequency options in pulse amperages and an on-demand fan. 

This TIG Welder has the following functions:-
                          DC  MMA - Stick welding
                          DC  TIG
                          DC Pulse TIG

                          AC  MMA - Stick welding
                          AC  TIG
                          AC  Pulse TIG

Parameter Adjustments
Pre- Flow gas in seconds                       0 -  2
Intial Amps                                             0  -  170 / 200 A
Up slope time in seconds                       0  -  10
Peak welding current range                   5 - 200 Amps  AC TIG  or 
                                                               5 - 170 Amps DC TIG & MMA
Base welding current range                   5  -  200 A
Down Slope in Seconds                         0 - 10 
Crater fill amps                                       5  -  200 A
Post Flow  in Seconds                           0 - 10
Pulse frequency in Hertz                       0.5 to 999
Pulse width range as percentage          5 to 95%
AC frequency in Hertz                           0.5 to 250

Cleaning effect as a percentage           15 to 50%   

Size 520 x 146 x 278 mm
Weight 9 kg



TitanTIG 200ACPro

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