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Helium / Balloon Gas

Hobbyweld's helium bottles are over 99% helium and as such can be used for welding purposes as well as filling balloons. If you are considering helium for welding then please checkout the helium mixes that Hobbyweld produce before looking at producing your own blend. The cylinder is filled to the same pressure as the regulator mixed gases (137 bar) which gives an great 1200 litres of gas. 

If you are considering Hobbyweld helium for inflating your balloons then please use the table below. Please also consider that helium will escape out of a latex balloon quicker than a foil balloon. 

Balloon SizeBalloon MaterialEstimated Fills
9 InchLatex160
10 InchLatex130
11 InchLatex100
12 InchLatex80
18 InchFoil80

Dimensions - Height 940mm Diameter 140mm

Balloon filling tools are also available from Noz-Alls. 

If you require a refill at any time then we or any of the Hobbyweld stockists will happily supply a refill. All you need to do is bring the empty cylinder in and exchange it for a full one. 


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