Migatronic RallyMIG - Portable Welder - Migatronic RallyMIG 161i Plus, MMA, TIG and Trolley
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Comes with amperage adjuster in torch handle.
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Migatronic RallyMIG - Including the MIG plus control, 3m holder for MMA and 4m TIG welding torch. 

If you have seen the video below and you would like a full setup ready to go (just add gas and filler) then this is the option for you. We will include the plus remote control for the MIG torch a 3m MMA lead made from 25mm cable (solid copper strands) and a 4m WP17 TIG welding torch complete necessary adaptor parts and with consumables to get you welding right away. 

The smallest industrial quality welder in the Migatronic range is the 161i RallyMIG. This is the "Plus" version which adds the ability to adjust your welding current whilst welding using the dial on your MIG torch, which allows you to switch jobs without returning to the welder, plus of course the machine has  the same features being a fully synergic multi-process welder which will allow you to simply dial in the wire being used and the material being welded. No fussing around with getting the wire feed speed and voltage set correctly this machine really is a switch on, press and weld type with no adjustments necessary. 

If you would rather set it based on the material thickness being welded then you can do this too! 

Whether you work on site, in a workshop or are simply just a one man repair man, this MIG welder is the one for you. This machine can be used without gas (gasless) on a reversed polarity, with pure argon, pure CO2 or a mixed gas similar to Hobbyweld 5. If you are welding or MIG brazing then there will be a built in program perfect for you. 

For those of you who need to have a welder that can be run on long extension cables, look no further. With the Migatronic RallyMIG being Power Factor Corrected (PFC) you can run long mains cables without having to worry about power loss. What's more, if you need a long power cable then the chances are you might not have gas. To reverse the polarity all you need to do is undo the thumb turn knobs and swap the cable over then you are set to weld gasless. 

On the flip side, maybe you are a small car garage? Well this little mean machine can run as low down as 20 Amps and as such when running 0.6mm wire you will find that you have incredible control over welding thin plate and (dare I say it) even rusty plate. 

The MIG torch that is included with the torch can also be fitted with an add-on to allow amperage adjustment while holding the torch and welding. All you have to do is simply slip out the blanking plate and slide in the upgrade. 

Multi Process
If you want a welder that can do it all then this is your one. A confident MIG welder, a convenient MMA welder and a useful scratch TIG welder all in one box. 
Whatever you want from your machine you can add MMA cables, TIG torches, MIG torch control upgrades and even a machine trolley. It is totally your choice and it means you can make your welder as bespoke as you want it. 

Trolley design is slightly different to that pictured. Please see related items below for the current trolley design.

*gas bottle for illustrative purposes only.


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