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Pure Argon Gas Bottles
Pure Argon Gas Bottles
Buy your pure argon gas from Noz-Alls in Cheltenham. Rental free gas cylinders have a refundable one off deposit so you only ever pay for the gas and not rent.
CO2 - Carbon Dioxide Gas Bottles
CO2 - Carbon Dioxide Gas Bottles
CO2 - Carbon Dioxide Gas Bottles
Argon CO2 Mix Gas Bottles
Argon CO2 Mix Gas Bottles
Rent free MIG gases. Argon CO2 mixed gas bottles available in Gloucestershire. We have 3 gas mixes available for mild steel and stainless steel MIG welding.
Oxygen and Acetylene Gas Bottles
Oxygen and Acetylene Gas Bottles
For local collection only - Oxygen and Acetylene can be bought from Noz-Alls in Cheltenham. We have a range of different bottle sizes which are all rent free!
Propane and Propylene Gas Bottles
Propane and Propylene Gas Bottles
Rent free propylene gas (Pro-fuel etc) available in Cheltenham. We also stock Rothenberger MAPP and Propane disposable cylinders at competitive prices.
Rent Free Welding Gases
uniweld qs4l5h-6 manifold
Uniweld QS4L5H-6 Manifold
2 VLV Brass Manifold - 5ft Soft Magic Barrier Hoses Set LPF Gauges. For R410a, R22 and R404a
(Inc £59.94)
Out Of Stock
Maxigas from Rothenberger 3.5510-A - Maxigas 400 600ml
Maxigas 400 - Yellow canister
(Inc £8.16)
Blowtorch Gas Rothenberger C200 Butane Canister
C200 Butane Gas Canister - Red
(Inc £5.68)
CO2 Welding Gas MAG (MIG) Welding Gas Disposable Canister
Disposable CO2 Canister MAG (MIG) Welding Shielding Gas
(Inc £16.80)
Rothenberger 3.5510-A - Multigas 300 600ml
MultiGas 300 - Red
(Inc £5.68)
Rothenberger 3.5535. - Rothenberger Propane 400g Canister
Disposable Canister
(Inc £13.82)
Rothenberger MAPP Canister - Rothenberger MAP 400g Canister
Disposable MAP Canister Yellow
(Inc £16.22)
Hobbybrew - 60/40 Gas for Medium Bubble - Craft Lager and Pale Ale
Collection only item
(Inc £29.52)
Hobbyweld Cylinder Deposit
Original: 70 Plus: 110 Ultra: 195 Acetylene Original: 120 Acetylene Plus: 160 Acetylene Ultra: 255
(Inc £84.00)
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Hobbyweld - Pure Oxygen - Rent Free Oxygen
Collection only item
(Inc £31.15)
Hobbyweld Acetylene - Portable Pack Rent Free
Collection only item HobbyWeld Gases - Rent Free
(Inc £83.71)
Hobbyweld Oxygen Ultra - Rent Free Gas
Collection Only Item
(Inc £79.20)
Acetylene - Hobbyweld Ultra
Rental free acetylene in an Ultra size cylinder from Hobbyweld. Deposit required on initial purchase.
(Inc £166.50)
Hobbybrew - Food Grade CO2, Rent Free
Collection only item
(Inc £29.52)
Hobbyweld CO2 - Rent Free CO2
Collection only item
(Inc £29.52)
CO2 Gas Pre-heater
Welding Gas Pre-heater for CO2 - 230Volt
CO2 gas pre-heater
(Inc £184.80)
Out Of Stock
Liquid CO2
Collection only item
(Inc £28.42)
PortaPack Trolley - Portapac Adjustable Handle Cylinder Trolley
Adjustable handle cylinder trolley for small sized cylinders.
(Inc £76.86)