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Sia - 180 x 22mm 80 Grit Aluminium Oxide Fibre Disc (Red)
£ 42.00(Inc VAT £50.40)
Aluminium Oxide (Al/Ox) Fibre Discs
Sia Product Numbers: 2943.7293.xxxx, 9279.0706.xxxx, 9498.7484.xxxx, 8968.6845.xxxx

Where the last four digits refer to the grit level. For example, P24 grit is 0024 and P80 grit is 0080. 

These Aluminium Oxide fibre backed discs are sometimes referred to as AlOx discs for short. We know them as both so have no worries if you want to give us a call for special order items. The fibre discs are suitable for all general grinding and metalworking jobs. They are the lowest cost per piece in the range but this doesn't mean they are the same as all the other Al/Ox discs on the market. Again, they are designed and produced to have a good working lifetime while offering good value for money. 

If you can afford a little bit more Noz-Alls recommend the Zirconia or large size Zirconia (Topsized) - the difference in results is worth the small amount more.

With the Aluminium Oxide range there are many sizes which are made to order. If you see a call for price - please do and we will give you more details.


Grit Level:80


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